Jun 18, 2024, 08:08 AM IST

7 amazing cave temples around the world

Shivam Verma

Ajanta Caves, India: They are renowned for their exquisite murals and sculptures depicting the life of Buddha and Jataka tales.

Ellora Caves, India: Located near Ajanta, these rock-cut temples feature Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain monuments.

Longmen Grottoes, China: Situated in Henan province, these caves house tens of thousands of Buddha statues and are a treasure trove of Chinese Buddhist art from the Northern Wei and Tang dynasties.

Yungang Grottoes, China: Located in Shanxi province, these caves are famous for their massive, elaborately carved Buddha statues.

Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka: This World Heritage site features five caves filled with Buddha statues and colourful frescoes.

Petra, Jordan: While primarily known as an archaeological city, Petra also features several rock-cut temples and tombs.

Mogao Caves, China: Located on the Silk Road in Gansu province, these caves are renowned for their Buddhist art spanning a thousand years.