Apr 19, 2024, 10:49 PM IST

6 commonly used spices in south India

Shweta Singh

South Indian cuisine is renowned for its vibrant flavors and aromatic spices.

Here are seven spices commonly used in South Indian cooking:

Often used for tempering, mustard seeds add a distinct nutty flavor and crunch to dishes. They're commonly used in various chutneys, pickles, and vegetable stir-fries.

Mustard seeds

Cumin seeds are a staple in South Indian cooking, adding a warm, earthy flavor to dishes. They're often used in curries, dals (lentil dishes), and spice blends like sambar powder.

Cumin seeds

These seeds have a citrusy, slightly sweet flavor and are commonly used whole or ground in South Indian curries, chutneys, and spice blends.

Coriander seeds

Fenugreek seeds have a slightly bitter taste and are used sparingly in South Indian cooking to add depth of flavor, especially in pickles, chutneys, and spice blends.

Fenugreek seeds

Known for its vibrant yellow color and earthy flavor, turmeric is a staple spice in South Indian cuisine. It's used in curries, rice dishes, and vegetable preparations.


South Indian cuisine often incorporates spicy heat, and red chili powder is a key ingredient for adding heat and color to dishes like curries, chutneys, and spice blends.

Red chilli powder