May 28, 2024, 08:20 AM IST

5 'astronomy pictures of the day' shared by NASA

Shivam Verma

Each day a different image of our fascinating universe is featured in astronomy pictures of the day, which is shared by NASA.

International Space Station Expedition 59 crew captured this snapshot of the broad St. Lawrence River and curiously circular Lake Manicouagan.

ESA's new Sun-orbiting Euclid telescope recently captured the most detailed image ever of the bright star forming region M78.

The "claw" of this odd looking "creature" in the featured photo is a gas cloud known as a cometary globule.

Graceful star trail arcs reflect planet Earth's daily rotation in this colorful night skyscape.

Pictured, a large multi-pronged solar prominence was captured extending from chaotic sunspot region AR 3664 out into space.

Image source: NASA