May 23, 2024, 08:49 AM IST

6 amazing images of deep space taken by James Webb telescope

Mahipal Chouhan

Introduction to JWST Launched in December 2021, JWST is a collaboration by NASA, ESA, and CSA, offering groundbreaking space exploration.

Cosmic Cliffs in Carina Captured on March 15, 2023, this image shows star-forming regions in interstellar gas and dust formations in Carina.

Stephan’s Quintet Stephan’s Quintet, imaged on April 2, 2023, reveals five interacting galaxies in Pegasus, showcasing galactic collisions and tidal distortions.

Webb’s First Deep Field Taken on March 1, 2023, this deep field image uncovers thousands of distant galaxies, allowing us to view early galactic evolution.

Whirlpool Galaxy’s Star Formation JWST’s infrared image of the Whirlpool Galaxy highlights active star-forming regions in its spiral arms and interacting companion galaxy.

Southern Ring Nebula Captured on March 7, 2023, this image of the Southern Ring Nebula details the dying star's expelled gases and dust in the constellation Vela.

Crab Nebula JWST’s infrared view of the Crab Nebula reveals intricate structures and energetic processes within this celestial remnant, showcasing various elements.

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