Jun 25, 2024, 09:45 AM IST

10 Latest stunning space images captured by NASA James Webb Space Telescope

Sonali Sharma

A rectangular image with black vertical rectangles at the bottle left and top right to indicate missing data. 

The Crab Nebula. An oval with complex structure extends from lower left to upper right against a black background

Space telescope image showing hundreds of objects of different colors, shapes, and sizes scattered across the black background of space

A yellow star is at the center, surrounded by a mottled disk of gas and dust that transitions from bright yellow to darker orange moving outward.

A dwarf galaxy. It is illuminated by a strong, cool light radiating from its core, a bar-shaped area at the centre, and filled with a huge number of visible stars that appear as tiny glowing points.

A close-in view of the central area of a dwarf galaxy. Large, smoky clouds of gas and dust billow out across the scene.

A close view of the central area of a dwarf galaxy. A huge number of stars fill the whole galaxy as tiny glowing points

This illustration is awash in bright blues, with only areas of the black background of space peeking out near the edges

Graphic titled 'Webb Solves a Marshmallow Planet Mystery,' featuring an illustration of an exoplanet with a hazy blue atmosphere and loose bands of clouds on the black background of space.

This image from Webb’s NIRCam (Near-Infrared Camera) instrument shows M82’s center in an unprecedented level of detail