Jun 19, 2024, 10:42 PM IST

10 most dangerous trees

Shweta Singh

Highly toxic sap can cause severe skin irritation and blindness; eating the fruit can be fatal. Found in tropical regions of the Americas, especially the Caribbean.


Wood dust can cause severe respiratory issues and allergic reactions. Native to central and southern Africa.

African Blackwood

Produces large, heavy cones that can injure if they fall on someone. Located in Queensland, Australia.

Bunya Pine

Toxic sap causes blindness; explosive fruit can cause injuries. Native to tropical regions of the Americas.

Sand Box Tree

All parts are highly toxic if ingested, and smoke from burning is harmful. Widely grown in temperate and subtropical regions.


Contains cardiac glycosides that are fatal if ingested; used in suicides and murders. Found in India and Southeast Asia.

Suicide Tree

Leaves cause severe, long-lasting pain due to toxin-injecting needles. Located in northeastern Australia.


 Produces strychnine, a toxic alkaloid causing convulsions and death. Native to India and Southeast Asia.

Strychnine Tree

Contains toxic alkaloids causing hallucinations, paralysis, and death if ingested. Native to South America, widely cultivated.

Angel's Trumpet