May 18, 2024, 08:59 PM IST

10 birds that love to feast on snakes

Mahipal Chouhan

There are several bird species known to prey on snakes as part of their diet. Here are 10 birds that are known to eat snakes:

Secretary Bird: This tall and distinctive bird of prey has long legs and a snake-like neck. It's known for stomping on the ground to flush out snakes and then striking them with its powerful beak.

Swallow-tailed Kite: This elegant raptor specializes in catching flying snakes and other small prey in midair. Its maneuverability and sharp talons make it skilled at hunting snakes in the treetops.

Roadrunner: A famous bird from desert regions, the roadrunner can capture and eat small snakes. It uses its agility and speed to catch snakes on the ground.

Brown Snake Eagle: This eagle is adapted to hunting snakes, and it can snatch them from trees or the ground. Its sharp talons and strong beak help it subdue its snake prey.

Southern Fiscal: Also known as the Fiscal Shrike, this bird impales its prey on thorns or barbed wire before consuming it. While it doesn't primarily focus on snakes, it can eat smaller ones.

Black-breasted Buzzard: Found in Australia, this bird of prey feeds on a variety of prey, including snakes. It uses its sharp beak and talons to capture and consume snakes.

Collared Falconet: Despite its small size, this bird has been known to catch and eat small snakes. It's an agile flier that preys on a range of small creatures.

Kingfisher: While not exclusively snake eaters, some kingfisher species, especially those living near water bodies, may catch and eat small aquatic snakes.

Brahminy Kite: This kite is a scavenger but also hunts small prey including snakes. It has a hooked beak and sharp talons, which help it capture and consume snakes.

Harrier Hawk: Some harrier hawk species have been observed catching and eating snakes. Their keen eyesight and ability to glide low over grasslands make them effective snake hunters.