Jul 10, 2024, 02:32 PM IST

10 animals that were saved from extinction

Shweta Singh

Once on the verge of extinction in the contiguous United States, the bald eagle population rebounded after DDT was banned and conservation measures were implemented.

Bald Eagle

Overhunting and habitat loss had severely reduced their numbers, but they recovered after being placed on the endangered species list and through habitat protection.

American Alligator

Extensive conservation efforts, including reintroduction programs, have helped increase their numbers in parts of the United States.

Gray Wolf

With only 27 individuals left in the wild in 1987, a captive breeding program was initiated, which has since increased their population significantly.

California Condor

International bans on commercial whaling and conservation efforts have led to a significant recovery of humpback whale populations.

Humpback Whale

Extinct in the wild by the 1970s, they have been reintroduced to their natural habitats through successful captive breeding programs.

Arabian Oryx

Intensive conservation efforts, including habitat preservation and breeding programs in China, have helped stabilize and increase their population.

Giant Panda

Conservation initiatives, including anti-poaching measures and habitat protection, have led to an increase in their numbers.

Mountain Gorilla

Pesticide bans and breeding programs have helped their population recover after being critically endangered.

Peregrine Falcon