Jun 15, 2024, 07:58 PM IST

 Mughal princesses who were brilliant in art

Varnika Srivastava

Aram Banu Begum: Aram Banu Begum, a Mughal princess, significantly enriched the cultural heritage of her brother Jahangir's court through her philanthropic efforts and patronage of the arts.

 Gauharara Begum​: Gauharara Begum utilized her wealth to support the arts, commissioning books, paintings, and architectural works that significantly enriched the cultural tapestry of her time.

 Gulbadan Begum: Gulbadan Begum, a compassionate figure, implemented significant social reforms, focusing on peasant welfare and fair land distribution, thereby stabilizing the Mughal Empire's rural economy and alleviating distress.

Jahanara Begum: Jahanara Begum, a cultural fusion pioneer, funded significant architectural projects and promoted arts that significantly influenced Mughal aesthetics for generations.

 Kulsum Begum​: Kulsum Begum played a crucial role in preserving the Mughal dynasty's history and heritage by generously supporting historians and artists who documented her time.

Razia Sultana: Razia Sultana, a pioneering figure in 13th-century Delhi, founded numerous schools and emphasized literacy and learning for women, a time when such initiatives were rare.

Roshanara Begum,: She was renowned for her intellect and scholarship, was a critical critic of the court's political machinations and provided crucial advice to her father during significant conflicts.

Ruqaiya Sultan Begum: Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, the first wife of Emperor Akbar, was a prominent figure in the Mughal court, known for her wisdom, patronage of arts, and significant role in palace politics.

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