Apr 17, 2024, 12:46 AM IST

Difference between normal AC and inverter AC

Sonali Sharma

Inverter ACs do not just work on a simple on-or-off mechanism.

Inverter ACs adjust the cooling according to the room temperature.

Non-inverter ACs turn on to cool the room, and once the job is done, they turn off.

Inverter ACs can maintain a constant temperature

Non-inverter ACs stick to a constant temperature, regardless of the temperature of the room.

Inverter ACs run efficiently by design.

Non-inverter ACs have to frequently start or stop, undergo greater strain.

Inverter ACs typically cost higher than non-inverter models

Non-inverter ACs are usually less expensive to buy

Inverter ACs’ more energy-efficient operation. Whereas, non-inverter ACs’ higher power consumption contributes to increased electricity bills.

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