Jun 14, 2024, 09:16 PM IST

Players to play for both India and Pakistan

Chankesh Rao

Gul Mohammad had a career spanning nine Test matches, with eight appearances for India and one for Pakistan.

Gul Mohammad, born in Lahore, made his international debut for India in 1946 against England and played his final game for the national team in 1952.

Gul was a member of India's playing XI in Pakistan's inaugural Test match in 1952. He subsequently obtained Pakistani citizenship and represented the country in a Test match against Australia in 1956.

Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Pakistan's inaugural cricket captain, participated in a total of 26 Test matches, three of which were played for India in 1946.

Abdul Kadar, born in Lahore, played for India in 1946 before independence, and chose to remain in Pakistan after partition.

Kadar captained the team in all 23 Test matches he played, including their historic first-ever international match against India in Delhi in 1952.

Amir Elahi was born in Lahore and played one Test match for India before settling in Pakistan after Independence.

Amir Elahi represented the Indian cricket team in a Test match against Australia in December 1947 at Sydney.

Amir Elahi participated in five Test matches for Pakistan, all of which were against India in 1952.