Jun 16, 2024, 08:21 PM IST

Reasons to avoid drinking refrigerated water

Shweta Singh

Cold water can constrict blood vessels and solidify fats, making digestion more difficult and potentially causing discomfort.

Cold water might hydrate less effectively as it constricts blood vessels, potentially slowing down the absorption process.

Drinking cold water can thicken mucus, leading to a sore throat or worsening respiratory conditions like congestion.

Cold water can aggravate conditions like migraines, achalasia, or sensitive teeth, causing increased discomfort.

The body uses extra energy to warm cold water to body temperature, which can affect overall energy levels.

Consuming cold water, especially after exercise, can shock the system, potentially causing muscle cramps and slower recovery.

Traditional practices suggest cold water disrupts the balance of heat and cold, hindering the body's detoxification processes.

Cold water can shrink blood vessels, reducing circulation in the digestive tract and possibly impeding nutrient absorption.