Feb 22, 2024, 09:49 PM IST

Reason behind change in colour of leaves

Kajari Goswami

There is a process called senescence which is responsible for the leaves to change their colour.

This process is the ageing and deterioration of plant tissues.

As the sunlight and temperature change in autumn, the chlorophyll breakdown revealing other pigments.

Chlorophyll is the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis.

As the daylight decreases and temperature drops, chlorophyll breaks down and reveals other pigments.

Some plants produce anthocyanins which are red, purple, or blue pigments.

Carotenoids are responsible for the yellow and orange colours in leaves.

When the days start to become shorter, plants sense the changing seasons and initiate the process of shedding leaves.

Before leaves fall, plants reabsorb nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from them.