Mar 1, 2024, 10:29 PM IST

Power foods to eat Pre and Post-workout for energy and weight loss

Jaisal Kaur

Before the workout

Ensure that there is a gap of at least 20 minutes to half-an-hour between the meal and the workout session. Your meal should be smaller and simpler.

Eat simple carbohydrates such as fruits (200gm) or dates (50gm) with some probiotics and 10 soaked and peeled almonds.

Your diet will vary by the type of fitness routine you are following. While strength training requires more protein intake, cardio routines require a good carbohydrate intake with some protein to balance the calories. 

After the workout

You need to ensure that you consume proteins and carbohydrates to repair muscles, restore glycogen stores and reduce post-workout DOMS. 

A protein shake or a complete meal within 1-2 hours of post workout will help to build lean muscles and regain energy. 

Eat foods like eggs, chicken breast, turkey, whole grains, cottage cheese, tofu, nuts and veggies.

After half an hour of exercise, take fresh juices or probiotic drinks along with some protein like paneer, eggs, sprouts, and lean meat. 

Disclaimer: This content including advice gives generic information only and is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion.