Mar 4, 2024, 06:55 AM IST

Oats vs Dalia: Which is healthier?

Ritik Raj

Oats and dalia provide numerous health benefits, including the ability to regulate blood sugar and aid in weight loss.

Oats vs Dalia? It is hard to compare these foods because a lot of fitness enthusiasts love them.

You can use their nutritional composition to determine which friend is best for weight loss. 

Calories: There are 389 calories in 100 grams of raw oats and 342 calories in 100 grams of dalia. Thus, their respective calorie contents are comparable, albeit slightly different.

Eating high-calorie foods while attempting to lose weight has long been accepted wisdom. These foods make you feel fuller for longer, which reduces the need to snack.

Oats: The next most plentiful nutrients in 100 grams of oats are 10.6 grams of fiber and 6.9 grams of fat, followed by 10.9 grams of protein and 66.3 grams of carbohydrates.

Dalia: Dalia are lower in dietary fiber than oats, but they are comparable in terms of protein (12 grams) and carbs (76 grams). Out of 100 grams, 6.7 grams are made up of fiber in dalia.

Oats vs Dalia?: With dalia and oats being such great options for weight loss, you can definitely incorporate both into your diet. If both are easily accessible, you can eat each one in turn over the course of a week or several weeks.

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