Feb 26, 2024, 06:29 PM IST

Most venomous insects in the world

Kajari Goswami

Locusts: These are a type of grasshopper. They can not cause any harm to humans directly but can gather in huge numbers and devastate crops.

Assassin caterpillar: It is a deadly insect that releases its venom from its bristles that work as a defence mechanism.

Fire ants: The fire ants are small but deadly. It can cause human fatalities.

Asian giant hornet: These are also known as murder hornets. It is the world's biggest species of wasp.

Bees and wasps: Bees and wasps are capable of carrying various diseases. Few insects can kill humans.

Kissing bugs: These are found in America and parts of Africa and Asia. They can carry deadly diseases.

Fleas: The humble flea carries deadly and dangerous diseases.

Tsetse fly: It is a tiny animal which carries a deadly disease called sleeping sickness.

Mosquito: A Mosquito is a tiny insect that has a gigantic impact. It carries various diseases that can be deadly for humans.