Feb 22, 2024, 04:28 PM IST

How did the Kaurav warriors look like

Kajari Goswami

The Mahabharat War is believed to be one of the most significant documented wars of the nation.

It is said that the Mahabharat war went on for 18 days.

The war between the Kauravas and Pandawas in Kurukshetra.

Here we have tried to create how the war ground must have looked at the time, through AI.

100 Kaurava brothers fought against the Pandavas.

It is said that the Kaurava had a huge army, whereas Lord Krishna, a Hindu deity played the role of chief advisor for Pandawas.

The Mahabharat is heard and recited in all parts of the country.

Various parts of the country even have different variations of the characters and their motives with the basic storyline remain the same.

There are traces of the entire story spread across the country.