Mar 3, 2024, 05:16 PM IST

Herbs, spices that control cholesterol

Kajari Goswami

Herbs and spices have been an integral part of Indian kitchens.

Apart from bringing taste to the dishes, these herbs and spices also have various health benefits.

Here are some spices that help to control cholesterol:

Cinnamon: It helps to lower blood sugar levels and keep cholesterol in check.

Fenugreek: These seeds are rich in soluble fibre and reduce the absorption of cholesterol.

Turmeric: It has an active curcumin compound with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Garlic: It has compounds that help to control cholesterol.

Ginger: It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to maintain cholesterol levels.

Cardamon: It has antioxidants and helps to keep our hearts healthy.