May 23, 2024, 06:06 PM IST

Healthy snacks for hot summer

Deepika Shakya

Here are 6 healthy snacks for hot summer days

Refreshing and hydrating, watermelon is high in water content and provides vitamins A and C.


A creamy, protein-rich snack combined with antioxidant-rich berries, perfect for cooling down.

Greek Yogurt with Berries

Crisp cucumber slices paired with hummus offer a hydrating, nutrient-dense, and satisfying snack.

Cucumber Slices with Hummus

Sweet and refreshing, frozen grapes make a cool and easy-to-eat snack on hot days.

Frozen Grapes

Homemade popsicles using natural fruit juice provide a cool treat without added sugars.

Popsicles Made with Natural Juice

Whole grain toast topped with mashed avocado offers healthy fats and fiber, keeping you satisfied.

Avocado Toast

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