Jul 10, 2024, 04:12 PM IST

Curd with sugar Vs Curd with salt: Which is healthier?

Pravrajya Suruchi

May improve taste and palatability: Sugar can make curd more appealing, especially for children or those with a sweet tooth. This can encourage them to consume curd and reap its benefits.

May aid digestion: A pinch of salt, particularly Himalayan pink salt or rock salt, can promote digestive enzyme production and improve nutrient absorption.

High sugar content: Added sugar can contribute to weight gain, blood sugar spikes, and increased risk of cavities.

High sodium intake: Excessive salt consumption can contribute to high blood pressure and other health problems.

Reduced probiotic benefits: Excessive sugar can potentially harm the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria in curd, which are linked to gut health and digestion.

May provide a quick source of energy: The sugar offers a quick burst of energy, though a balanced meal is recommended for sustained energy.

Curd with little to no added sugar and salt is the healthiest choice. If you prefer some flavoring, choose natural sweeteners or a pinch of pink salt in moderation.

Unsweetened and unsalted curd is generally considered the healthiest option. It retains all the natural benefits of curd, including protein, calcium, and probiotics, without the downsides of added sugar or sodium.

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