May 30, 2024, 10:35 AM IST

AC VS Cooler: Which is better to beat the heat?

Kumar Vishnu Kant

Air conditioners and air coolers, both serve  purpose of cooling the atmosphere in this bone melting summer, both have some pros and cons, have a look: 

Air coolers have a low consumption of power, cool breeze in minimal electricity, but not that much effective in extremely hot weather.

Electric consumption:

Air conditioners have comparatively high electric consumption but can provide you the chilling atmosphere despite of the hottest days .

Electric consumption:

Air conditioners on the other hand need installments and can not be easily moved once fixed, one thing better is that it takes no space on the floor due to its installment on the wall

Space requirements:

Air Coolers have an edge over ACs in this matter, as they are too handy and movable and also takes less space due to their compact design.

Space requirements:

Air conditioners have the facility to cool a larger space and multiple rooms as well, making it more sufficient in cooling.


Air coolers are designed to cool smaller areas at a time, at once it can be used only in one room.


Air conditioners have a high cost for the first time but in long term it is more economical than coolers.

Cost and initial maintenance:

Air coolers are way much cheaper in rate than ACs, typically under the rate of Rs 10000, that makes them a budget friendly option

Cost and initial maintenance:

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