Mar 3, 2024, 11:03 PM IST

9 Japanese habits to increase stamina

Kajari Goswami

Regular exercise: Practising some type of physical activity helps to boost your stamina.

Green tea: This drink has various health benefits.

Quality sleep: Proper sleep is very important. It helps to maintain your energy.

Hydration ritual: Hydration is most fundamental to Japanese culture.

Forest bathing: Bathing amid nature helps to improve both physical and mental health.

Work-life balance: Japanese people value a balanced life.

Cultivating resilience: Inculcating a positive mindset and maintaining mental and emotional well-being helps to keep your stamina.

Minimalism: Maintaining a simple and minimalistic lifestyle helps the Japanese people sustain their energy.

Organisation: Organising and planning your days helps to your mind clear and free.