Mar 5, 2024, 04:44 PM IST

8 palm plants to grow at home

Khushi Patel

Areca palm

 Areca palmis also referred to as the butterfly palm. Its fluffy, arching fronds give any space a touch of the tropics. It likes regular watering and bright, indirect light

Parlor palm

The parlour palm is a well-liked option for inside environments because of its small size and minimal upkeep needs. It needs equally moist soil and grows best in low to moderate light

Kentia palm

Kentia palm is highly valued for its gracefully curved fronds and ability to withstand low light levels. It likes frequent, bright, indirect light and regular irrigation, with a little bit of soil drying out in between

Pygmy date palm

Pygmy date palm is a small palm that lends a touch of elegance to any area with its gently arching fronds. It prefers constantly moist soil and grows best in sunny, indirect light

Ponytail palm

The ponytail palm is a succulent tree with long, cascading leaves and a characteristic bulbous trunk. Despite its name, it is not a real palm. It enjoys sparing irrigation and strong, indirect light

Lady palm

Clustered fronds give the lady palm's slow-growing foliage a lush, dense appearance. It needs regularly wet soil and grows best in low to moderate light

Sago palm 

Having stiff, shiny fronds and a confined growth habit, the sago palm has a rough, prehistoric appearance

Majesty palm 

The Majesty Palm is distinguished by its tropical appearance and gracefully arching fronds. For growth inside, it needs strong, indirect light and soil that is continually moist

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