May 30, 2024, 02:06 PM IST

7 tips to prevent hair from sun damage

Deepika Shakya

Here are 7 tips to prevent hair from sun damage

Protect your hair by wearing a wide hat, which shields it from direct sunlight and reduces UV exposure.

Wear a Hat

Apply a UV protection spray or leave-in conditioner with SPF to your hair before going outside to block harmful rays.

Use a UV Protection

Drink plenty of water to keep your hair hydrated from within, which helps prevent dryness and damage.

Stay Hydrated

Try to stay out of the sun during peak hours (10 AM to 4 PM) when UV rays are strongest.

Avoid Peak Sun Hours

After swimming in the sea or pool, rinse your hair with fresh water to remove salt or chlorine, which can increase sun damage.

Rinse with Fresh Water

Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your hair moisturized

Deep Condition Regularly

Reduce the use of heat styling tools like blow dryers and straighteners

Limit Heat Styling

These habits can help keep your hair healthy and strong even under the sun.