Feb 23, 2024, 09:16 PM IST

7 high cholesterol signs that appear on your legs, feet

Shweta Singh

High LDL cholesterol levels can manifest in various ways, affecting not just the heart but also peripheral circulation, leading to discomfort and other concerning symptoms in the legs and feet.

Recognizing the signs of high cholesterol in the lower limbs is crucial for early detection and intervention, as it can help prevent complications such as peripheral artery disease and reduce the risk of associated health issues.

Weak or absent pulses in the feet signal poor circulation, highlighting the importance of cholesterol management and further medical evaluation.

Faint or missing pulses

Aching, cramping, or sharp pain, particularly during physical activity, may indicate high LDL cholesterol and poor blood supply to leg muscles.

Discomfort in legs

Feeling unable to move legs and feet due to reduced sensation or muscle strength caused by cholesterol plaques narrowing arteries.

Numbness or weakness

Persistently cold feet, even in warm environments, could indicate poor blood flow due to high cholesterol levels.

Cold feet

High cholesterol may lead to wounds on legs or feet that struggle to heal due to poor circulation, risking infection and complications.

Non-healing sores

Pale, bluish, or reddish discolorations on legs and feet suggest circulation issues related to high LDL cholesterol.

Skin color changes

Thin or absent hair growth on legs can be a sign of peripheral arterial disease, indicating poor blood flow.

Leg hair loss