Feb 21, 2024, 09:48 AM IST

10 Indian dishes made with rice flour

Shweta Singh

A popular South Indian dish made from a fermented batter of rice flour and black lentils, cooked on a griddle into a thin, crispy crepe-like texture. It's often served with chutney and sambar.


Also known as string hoppers, it's a traditional South Indian and Sri Lankan dish made from rice flour pressed into noodle form and steamed. It's typically served with coconut milk or curry.


A type of pancake made with fermented rice flour batter and coconut milk. It has a soft, fluffy center and crispy edges and is often eaten with vegetable or meat curries.


A thin, soft bread made from rice flour, water, and salt. It's a staple in the Malabar region of Kerala and is often served with meat or vegetable curry.


A popular South Indian snack made from rice flour, urad dal flour, and spices. The dough is shaped into intricate patterns and deep-fried until crispy.


Also known as Modak in some regions, it's a sweet dumpling made from rice flour dough filled with grated coconut and jaggery, then steamed. It's often prepared during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi.


A traditional breakfast dish from Kerala made with rice flour and grated coconut, steamed in cylindrical bamboo or metal tubes. It's often served with bananas, sugar, or chickpea curry.


Pakoras are deep-fried snacks made by dipping vegetables or meat in a spiced chickpea or rice flour batter. Rice flour pakoras have a lighter, crispier texture compared to those made solely with chickpea flour.

Rice Flour Pakoras

A type of dosa from Karnataka, made from a watery rice flour batter. It's very thin and soft, almost translucent, and is typically served with coconut chutney or curry.

Neer Dosa