May 27, 2024, 05:09 PM IST

8 Best Protein packed Meat Substitutes

Prachi Prakhar

1.  Cauliflower- It is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, which makes it a perfect alternative of meat.

2.  Jackfruit- After cooking it gives a similar texture vibe to that of meat, also it offers a healthy amount of Vitamin A, C, and B (in few amount).

3.  Mushrooms- It contain high amount of fiber and protein which offers a savory umami flavor.

4. Quinoa- It is considered as a complete protein, It is also rich in fiber, magnesium, iron and antioxidants.

5. Chickpeas- It is also known as garbanzo beans which is packed with protein, fiber and minerals like, iron, phosphorous and zinc.

6. Tofu- It is made up of soya beans, It is the excellent source of protein, also it contains all the essential amino acids.

7.  Tempeh- Just like tofu, it is made up of fermented soya beans. It provides protein, fiber and some probiotics.

8. Chia seeds- It is the tiny powerhouse of nutrition which is considered a good source of plant- based protein, omega- 3 fatty acids, fiber and anti-oxidant.