Apr 17, 2024, 11:54 AM IST

6 high-protein snacks to boost weight loss

Pravrajya Suruchi

Greek Yogurt Parfait with Berries and Nuts: Packed with protein and healthy fats from Greek yogurt, this snack keeps you feeling full for longer. 

Hard-Boiled Eggs: A classic and convenient protein source. Hard-boiled eggs are easy to prepare ahead of time and take on the go.

Edamame:  These soybeans are a complete plant-based protein source. Edamame are low in fat and calories and can be enjoyed steamed, boiled, or roasted.

Trail Mix (DIY Version):  Make your own trail mix to control ingredients and portion sizes.  Combine nuts, seeds, and dried fruits that are low in added sugar and salt. 

Sliced Vegetables with Cottage Cheese:  This is a light and refreshing snack option. Cottage cheese is a good source of protein and calcium, while vegetables provide essential vitamins and fiber.

Turkey or Chicken Roll-Ups with Hummus: Lean protein from turkey or chicken breast paired with the healthy fats and fiber from hummus makes this a satisfying snack.

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