May 20, 2024, 02:07 PM IST

AI imagines Marvel, DC superheroes casting their vote in Lok Sabha elections

Abhimanyu Mathur

The Lok Sabha elections are underway in India, being conducted across seven phases during April-May

Now, an artiste has used AI to imagine iconic Hollywood characters casting their vote in India

The pictures are meant to be a PSA in what a voter should do and not do at the polling booth

But instead of the generic stock pictures in such PSAs, the artiste has used Marvel and DC superheroes

Created by visual artiste Sahid SK, the images feature a cameo by Harry Potter as well

And there are plenty of cross-publication crossovers as well, with Batman and Iron Man uniting at the polling booth

The pictures have received praise from netizens for their creativity and timeliness

Sahid SK shared the images on his Instagram on Monday, day of the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha elections

All images: Instagram/@sahixd