May 12, 2024, 02:28 PM IST

9 times Bollywood stars escaped major accidents


In 2013, Hrithik Roshan suffered a serious head injury while shooting an action sequence for the movie "Bang Bang." He fell from a height and landed on his head, which resulted in a blood clot in his brain. 

In 2012, Shah Rukh Khan narrowly escaped a major accident on the sets of Chennai Express. A heavy door fell on him during a shoot, but he managed to move away.

In 2009, Kangana Ranaut was involved in a serious car accident in Maharashtra. The car she was traveling in collided with a truck, resulting in injuries to her and others in the vehicle. 

During the shooting of Mausam in 2011, Shahid Kapoor narrowly escaped a helicopter crash. 

Abhishek Bachchan had a close call in 2010 when a portion of the ceiling collapsed at the Mehboob Studio in Mumbai during the shooting of Dum Maaro Dum. 

During the shooting of Gunday in 2013, Ranveer Singh suffered a severe head injury while filming an action sequence. He was hit by a heavy camera crane. 

In 2004, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan narrowly escaped a fire accident on the sets of Khakee. The set caught fire due to a short circuit, but Aishwarya managed to evacuate in time.

 In 1982, during the shooting of the film Coolie, Amitabh Bachchan suffered a near-fatal intestinal injury while filming a fight scene. His injury was severe, and he had to undergo multiple surgeries. 

While shooting for the film Manithan in 1987, Rajinikanth met with a severe accident. A fight scene went wrong, and he suffered a spinal injury. He was hospitalised and underwent treatment for several months but eventually recovered.