Jun 20, 2024, 05:48 PM IST

AI imagines Aavesham's Ranga aka Fahadh Faasil with Thanos, Joker, Sheldon

Simran Singh

Fahadh Faasil won the audience as Ranga in Aavesham. Here's an imaginative take on Ranga with world's popular fictional characters

Here's Ranga aka FaFa as Venom, and you can imagine him saying "We are Venom"

Here's Ranga enjoying a dance with Arthur Fleck aka Joker on the iconic steps of the subway stationĀ 

Here's Ranga with Bruce Wayne aka Batman in a face-off you never expected

Here's Ranga aka Fahadh Faasil partying hard with Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow

One can only wonder what happens if Ranga meets Wade Wilson aka Deadpool

It seems like The Avengers will have to assemble again as Thanos has teamed up with Ranga

Here's Ranga racing with Superman, and he's been helped by his loyal Ambaan

Here's Fafa with Friends' Jim Parsons aka Sheldon Cooper

Image source: Imagin-AI-tion Instagram: @ai.magine_