Feb 25, 2024, 10:15 AM IST

8 ways students can save money

Varnika Srivastava

Here are a few ways by which students can save money.

Eating out, whether at fast food chains or high-class restaurants, is more expensive than cooking at home.

Avoid eating out

Avoid buying textbooks at full-price and explore rental options and used books at your university campus bookstore.

Don't buy books

Freeware offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive software, providing students with access to office, antivirus, image, and audio editing software at no extra cost.

Download freeware

Show student ID at checkout for a small percentage discount on total orders from clothing stores, electronics shops, restaurants, and media companies.

Take advantage of student discounts

Explore school websites for scholarships to cover tuition fees, as some are less sought after, giving you a better chance of success..

Try to get scholarship

Store brands are often cheaper than name brands, so opt for them instead to save money over time.

Make value purchases

Create a budgeting spreadsheet for necessities like groceries, utilities, and educational costs to avoid overspending on specific categories.

Create a monthly budget

Split rent near school or explore communal housing options to save money with friends.

Share living space with friends