May 29, 2024, 10:35 AM IST

10 intriguing trivia about marine mammals

Bablu Konsam

The ocean depths are home to a wide range of marine mammals, from the majestic blue whale to the playful dolphin, captivating humans for centuries.

Marine mammals are a diverse group that includes whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, walruses, polar bears, sea otters, and manatees.

The blue whale is the largest animal known to have ever existed on Earth, reaching lengths of up to 30 meters (98 feet) and weighing up to 180 metric tons or 6 elephants.

Killer whales (orcas) are part of the dolphin family and are one of the most powerful predators in the ocean, capable of taking down prey as large as great white sharks.

Dolphins are highly intelligent animals and have been known to exhibit cultural traits, such as using tools and teaching hunting techniques to their young.

Seals and sea lions are semi-aquatic mammals that can hold their breath for up to two hours while diving for food.

Walruses are known for their impressive tusks, which can grow up to one meter (3.3 feet) long, and are used for defense, foraging, and mating displays.

Polar bears are the largest land carnivores on Earth and rely on sea ice to hunt their primary prey, seals.

Sea otters have the densest fur of any mammal, with up to one million hairs per square inch, which helps insulate them in the cold ocean waters.

Manatees are gentle, herbivorous marine mammals often referred to as "sea cows" due to their docile nature and their diet of aquatic plants.

Many marine mammals, such as whales, dolphins, and seals, use echolocation to navigate and locate prey in the ocean by emitting high-frequency sound waves and interpreting the echoes that bounce back.

Photo credits : Pexels / Unsplash