About DNA

Diligent Media Corporation Limited (DMCL) was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, on February 17, 2005, as a Joint Venture entity of 2 Media conglomerates viz. Essel Group and Bhaskar Group, to engage in the business of printing, publishing and distribution of Newspapers. DMCL established its presence in the Print Media business with the launch of the Mumbai edition of ‘DNA’, an English Newspaper, on July 30, 2005. is in the business of production, curation, creation, conversion, procurement, buying, selling, and distribution of various forms of Multi Media content i.e - Digital News, Videos, Documentaries, and Photo Stories. The Company handles the distribution and aggregation of this content, be it related to media or other fields, in India and abroad through any existing or emerging mode of distribution. As reported in the preceding years, the Company had discontinued w.e.f., 10 October 2019 i.e., during the financial year ended 31 March 2020 the printing division of its Newspaper ‘DNA’ and continued the business of Digital Media. The said Digital Media business continues during the years thereafter. Post exit of Bhaskar Group in 2012, the Company is part of Essel Group.

DNA's editorial team is known for its quality, innovation and integrity, they provide responsible journalism to their readers and within a short span of twelve years, DNA has fast entrenched itself into the lives of the young and dynamic readers of India’s financial capital of Mumbai and increased its footprint across the globe via their Digital outfit. Through news, views, analysis and interactivity, DNA provides its readers with a composite unbiased picture of the city, the country, its financial market, and news from around the world. DNA is a thought leader and a change agent that continues to strive for betterment of the society. Having a diverse range of products and sections DNA is for everyone in the family. With a diversified portfolio including some of the most famous titles like DNA Money, DNA After Hrs, DNA Verified, DNA Lit & DNA Her, DNA has ensured that there is something for everybody in it.

Post the closure of their print edition, DNA now exists with a responsive and dynamic website (www.dnaindia.com) & has a strong presence on social media (Twitter - www.twitter.com/dna , Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dnaindia, YouTube- www.youtube.com/@DNAIndiaNews & Instagram- www.instagram.com/dna_india ). Content is also offered by DNA through DNA Syndication ( www.dnasyndication.com ) a content licensing division of DMCL which is solely responsible for Content Syndication and allied services for the website DNA – All Languages and the website www.dnaindia.com