Inspiring individuals worth emulating, true heroes among the differently-abled who have overcome obstacles and become real-life success stories against all odds; achievers who have transformed themselves into champions that the entire society can look up to! Achievements could be across fields, backgrounds and scale.

Facilitators & Enablers

Behind every success story are those who provide much-needed support and act as pillars of strength; family, friends, acquaintances, well wishers, nurses, caretakers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it possible for the differently-abled to be part of the mainstream.


Establishments that impart the basic to higher levels of learning like schools and colleges, hospitals providing specialized medical treatment and physiotherapy, plus malls and other social infrastructure providing convenient access as well as facilities at water stations, rest rooms, etc.


Experts in their respective fields who have direct interaction and guide the differently-abled on the right steps to achieve their rights of leading lives as close to normalcy as possible, such as doctors, advocates, teachers, lawyers, architects, chartered accountants and others.

Corporates & PSUs

From multinational corporations to public sector undertaking, SMEs to start-ups, who provided gainful employment and a sense of financial independence as well as essential infrastructure and policies for this group that allow the differently-able to lead a dignified life. This category is broken into 3 sub-categories —

Awards in terms of employment of the differently-abled.
Awards for Internal policies for facilitating them.
Awards for the infrastructure set up for their easy accessibility.