Half of India's adolescents are either short, thin, overweight or obese, says NITI Aayog-UNICEF report

The new report reveals that almost all adolescents in India have unhealthy or poor diets. This is the main cause for all forms of malnutrition.


Ahmedabad: Diet, exercise key to control type-2 diabetes, say experts

The diabetologists— Banshi Saboo, Sanjeev Phatak, and Dharmendra Panchal, claimed that by following a strict diet and regular exercise, patients can achieve glycemic range (HbA1c) which is at par with non-diabetic persons.


When Sonam Kapoor turned 'The Zoya Factor' co-star Angad Bedi's nutritionist

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Ayurveda recommends how to remain healthy with right diet

The author is founder of Atmasantulana Village, a world-renowned holistic healing centre.


Celebrating independence for the individual

Ayurveda helps develop trust and contact the cosmic entity through the individual soul


Diet impacts emotional well-being in women more than men

The study was published in the journal 'Nutritional Neuroscience.'


Anil Kapoor gets fitter for 'Malang' by following a new diet and fitness regime

The B-Town superstar is following a new fitness and diet regime for his grey role in Malang


Weight management, right diet key to deal with PCOS: Experts

With actors like Sara Ali Khan and Sonam Kapoor talking about their fight with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), experts have pitched for maintaining a healthy body weight through right diet to manage the hormonal disorder.


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Diet vs exercise for weight loss: How your eating plan is more important than working out

As per a recent study, your eating plan is more important than working out to lose weight. Experts comment


A diet for mankind that saves Earth

A mix of veg and non-veg ingredients seems to be a potent solution to feed a growing population and protect environment


A heart-healthy diet

Ranked as one of the best eating plans for cardiovascular well-being, experts give their take on The Ornish Diet


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STATIN SAGA: Statins can't act alone, need support from diet

Not A One-Stop: Drug brings down cholesterol, diet backs healthy body


International Meatless Day: Go green for a fitter you

On International Meatless Day, experts tell After Hrs why a plant-based diet is not only good for your health but also for the environment


A nutrition-secure India should be government’s top priority

The first thousand days in the child’s life are particularly important from the point of view of access to balanced diets.