Lepticell Reviews (Consumer Reports Experience and Effects)

Quality health should be the primary pursuit of our existence and a product that promises healthy weight is one to be taken seriously as the resulting impact of obesity is never a funny one.

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Lepticell Reviews (Consumer Reports Experience and Effects)

Keeping a healthy weight can be attained by determination yet at other times it can be bought. Whether you have the determination to undertake extreme physical exercises and diet regulation procedures or simply buy a cup of a supplement that promises to trim your weight into a fit is entirely up to you but what is up to us is making sure that these products being distributed as a weight loss wonder is as effective as they are touted. We take a look at such products and today our focus is on Lepticell.

This product happens to be one of those supplements scaling the shelf as many individuals now rely on it for weight control, but what's it all about? Is it effective, what kind of ingredients is it made of? What about adverse impacts? To answer these pressing questions, we have undertaken this Lepticell review with utmost attention to detail as we understand the place of health in human society.

Quality health should be the primary pursuit of our existence and a product that promises healthy weight is one to be taken seriously as the resulting impact of obesity is never a funny one. The combating of obesity is as important as pursuing it the healthy way, this review takes into account the safety, effectiveness, and even pricing of Lepticell.


Lepticell Review Outline

  • What is it?
  • How Does It Work?
  • Ingredients
  • Pros and Cons
  • Price
  • Consumer Reports
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Direction for Use
  • Conclusion

What is Lepticell Weight Loss Supplement?

Earlier, there were three primary options for weight control; physical exercises, diet control, and synthetic medications. Given the people most prone to obesity, which are middle-aged individuals and upwards, weight regulation can get complicated. For aging individuals, usually, there are obvious reductions in agility, strength, and endurance.

This reduces the chances of staying fit through exercise. At the same time, diet control becomes tougher as one ages. But when all option becomes bleak that’s where Lepticell comes in. Lepticell is an organic weight control supplement produced and distributed by the Phytage Labs.

The supplement with all-natural ingredients has undergone a series of successful applications. The supplement is designed to enhance the workings of the Leptin hormone and improve the quality of our health.

How it Works

Lepticell is coined from the weight or energy-balancing hormone (Leptin). The hormone works as a regulator telling the body when sufficient energy is gained and signaling the regulation of eating urges. However, sometimes there could be a compromise to the workings of the hormone thereby resulting in Leptin resistance. When this happens, impacted individuals may continue to experience hunger and the urge to continue eating even when they have had enough.

The product works by triggering a series of interactions within the body, first by impacting how the body's chemical balance and energy work more effectively. This is achieved by improving metabolism, life vitality, and energy balance.

Improving metabolism (Why elderly individuals gain more weight): Weight gain is a natural energy malfunction. Although in the real sense, weight gain is supposed to work as a natural process of energy intake and use balance, on several occasions this natural logic is compromised and energy intake and use no longer stays in that balance then excess energy would be stored as fat. When this continues without check, the resulting situation could most likely be obesity.

For several people, energy expenditure is less than intake. In the case of overweight individuals, such excess energy can’t be used up as the body is approaching a weaker point. This can explain why aging individuals and women are more likely to be overweight than young men. Young men are more physically active thereby bringing energy production and utilization to a balance.

Works by improving vitality: Improving vitality means that individuals get healthier. Healthier individuals are more likely to take a walk in the open, sing at the top of their voices, and enjoy a healthier social and personal life. When life vitality is improved, active life is reactivated. When this happens, metabolism is improved, energy balance is attained and healthy weight is achieved. The above represents the workings of the supplement.


Lepticell Ingredients

Damiana: A wild shrub plant of Mexican nativity, it is also found in Central America. Damiana has been of herbal Medicine significance for centuries. As a distinct herbal ingredient, Damiana has been used for varying degrees of physical and mental health improvement. Improved physical stamina and mental alertness are crucial to attaining a healthy weight. Its inclusion in the supplement holds many values regarding energy, activeness, and alertness. This could signal an improvement in the potency of the supplement.

Omega 7: Health experts would not have much of an issue identifying how important Omega 7 is to heart health. As an essential fatty acid, Omega 7 is either obtained through the food we consume or supplements. Our body is not capable of producing enough quantity of the acid, hence supplements and food serve as their ideal source. Improved heart health balances metabolism and enhances excess fat breakdown. The heart is the body’s engine and obesity is a huge burden on the organ, it is natural for metabolism to improve as heart health improves.

Dong Quai: It is important to understand that middle-aged and older women are more likely to be overweight. Although young women are also on this weight concern list, for younger women the cosmetic appeal far outweighs the health concern however young women and even men need to start early enough to care about their weight. As for Don Quai, this plant has been used since ancient times for various women's health care. This ranges from cramps to premenopausal symptoms treatment. A lot of body changes surrounding women as they go through life circles remain phenomenal and complex even to experts and so are the exact workings of Dong Quai.

Mucuna Pruriens: Back in tropical Africa where this plant originated from, it is dreaded for its itching properties when it comes in contact with the body. But beyond this infamous itching comes its herbal impact.  With its ability to smoothen muscles and aid digestion, it can then be seen why its presence in the Lepticell supplements is bound to bring amazing impact. Effective digestion brings diverse benefits to energy efficiency.

Vitamin B3: As our body is incapable of synthesizing the B3 Vitamin, it has to be gotten from external sources. Nearly every aspect of our body needs the vitamin for proper functioning; it is good for the heart and brain. Also known as Niacin, the vitamin is effective in minimizing cholesterol and improvement of brain function among other benefits.


Bioperine: What gives pepper its peppering is the Bioperine, and this substance (black pepper extracts) has had a history of use in herbal medicine. The substance improves the absorption of nutrients by the body. Its presence in the Lepticell supplement is one that improves the absorption of the constituent’s nutrients thereby improving nutrient availability for body function sustenance and the effectiveness of the supplement. Apart from the Bioperine's role in absorption improvement, its antioxidant qualities have been the focus of diverse studies. All these positive aspects of the extract make it an important ingredient in the supplements. Effective absorption of the other ingredients is crucial to the efficacy of Lepticell.

Vitamin A: When it comes to a dedicated immune system boosting of the Lepticell supplements, give it to its Vitamin A ingredient. Adequate intake of vitamin A is a necessity for proper development. Apart from the immune system, Vitamin A holds several positive values for our vision. It also plays a critical role in every form of human development including embryonic development and other aspects of reproductive health.

Concerning its presence in the Lepticell product, it improves general health. When we are cutting down on diet which could result when we start taking Lepticell, there’s a need for improved general health to avoid complications. 

Ginger: Ginger is one of the most popular when we think about herbal ingredients. Used since ancient times in China for herbal purposes, Ginger has proven to be effective in managing symptoms of indigestion, inflammation, and even diabetes. The impact of Ginger on sugar and insulin regulation has also been the subject of several studies. As a Lepticell ingredient, Ginger’s antioxidants impact improve general health and combat other ill health conditions.

Pyridoxine: There has been evidence of links between pyridoxine deficiency and developing obesity. The role of pyridoxine in the metabolism of healthy fats makes it potentially instrumental in weight regulation. Pyridoxine also referred to as Vitamin B6 has proven effective in several herbal healthcare uses.

Excessive food intake is also responsible for several cases of obesity. This makes pyridoxine’s ability to induce slowed appetite by impacting thyroid functionalities an effective approach to weight control. By impacting the thyroid, a balance of the hunger-inducing hormone may be attained thereby limiting hunger and food intake desire; this in turn brings healthy weight. Without excess food, being overweight can’t grow from thin air.

Pros and Cons

Formulated with natural ingredients: Lepticell doesn’t feature any synthetic or industrial additives but rather makes use of naturally occurring plant extracts and vitamins.

No negative drug interactions: The supplements are not known to have a negative interaction or side effects

Improves general health: Since several aspects of weight management leverage a cut in food intake, it is important to ensure that such product that may reduce appetite is also infused with rich nutrients to augment any potential nutrient that may be limited given less food intake. Luckily, Lepticell is equipped with various nutrients including vitamins and absorption-enhancing nutrients. Such nutrients ensure that even when less food is consumed, much nutrient is absorbed.

The supplement has also been proven useful in managing high blood pressure, and effective in cholesterol lowering. In addition, the supplement's ability to boost energy and the immune system is another vital positive health aspect of the product.

Eliminates Skin Sagging: Some weight loss can result in skin sagging. This is especially the case if such weight loss is hasty. With the Lepticell supplement, weight loss follows a more natural pattern; it is slower and steady yet healthier. Building a tougher tissue is imperative to an effective weight loss objective. It is important to support the supplement with mild exercise if heavy exercise may prove impossible. This is to build stronger muscles and strengthen the tissues as the weight loss sets in and the effectiveness of the supplement progresses.


A prolonged wait for results: With Lepticell supplements, the result can be assumed sluggish. This, however, is intentional as we need to understand that weight gain did not happen overnight. It took months of food intake and building that fat reserve. Hasty weight loss also may present an unattractive result as skin sagging may ensure. Noticeable weight loss results have been reported within two weeks of using the supplement however in the majority of the cases, visible weight changes may take about a month and sustainable trim may take longer but what we appreciate the most is that along the line healthier and stronger tissue is maintained thereby eliminating hasty weight loss induced skin sagging.

Different results for different individuals: It should be understood that the concept of weight gain and loss is unique in every individual. Two people may be subjected to exactly the same diet yet they put up different weight. This is because a lot of unique factors impact how individuals respond to food intake and energy balance, varying rates of metabolism may contribute to such different results. Hormones and other human biological and chemical phenomena may also be contributing factors.

Lepticell Price and Bonuses

At inception, Lepticell like most other new and effective products was highly priced but a bit more patronage and returning customers made for a pricing reconsideration. Today, the pricing of the supplements goes thus:

  • Single bottle (a month's supply): $69.95
  • Multiple (2) bottles (two months’ supply): $119.90 ($59.95 each)
  • Multiple (4) bottles (four months’ supply): $199.80 (49.95 each)

Apart from the price slash, for multiple bottle purchases of three and six bottles, other bonuses of two e-guide books apply.


Lepticell Reviews Consumer Reports

Sarah Lindsay: “I wanted my figure back after childbirth. I couldn’t stop eating, and limited mobility and activities were also contributing factors. Needed to get back in shape ASAP.

I came across Lepticell on a coworker's status update; my coworker dubbed it "the wonder supplement" that defeated her obesity. I placed an order immediately; two months into use and my sagging body is back to slim fit”.  

Jonathan Haines: “My weight was a souvenir of a junk food era in my life that almost refused to go until I encountered Lepticells. It worked wonders for me. I’m giving a 5-star review and also want to advise readers out there that junk food is the fastest route to an unhealthy weight. Support your Lepticell use with healthy dieting too, you would appreciate the result”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lepticell Present any side effects?

During this review, we did not encounter any report of Lepticell's side effects. It is very unlikely that the product will present the kind of side effects individuals may be familiar with in the case of synthetic drugs.

Also, the product is produced in a GMP-cleared facility; it is registered with the FDA and doesn’t feature any GMO substance.

Despite the lack of reported adverse impacts of the product, Lepticell has a chance of inducing adverse impact as its constituent nutrients like Vitamin B can have negative effects when overdosed.

In this regard, it is advised that you stick to the appropriate dosage of the supplements. Also, note that allergic reactions may occur in people with an allergy to its constituent ingredient. Sticking to the prescribed dosage is recommended. Report to your doctor if you notice any unusual health changes while using the product.


Where can I buy Lepticell?

Lepticell is distributed nationwide by the Phytage lab on their official website, as this will ensure that you are buying a genuine product.

Who is Lepticell for?

The supplement is for individuals who put up unhealthy weight. Also, it can be seen as a cosmetic supplement as it can help models or just people who wish to look great attain an appealing physique.

Given that pregnancy may recondition the body, even though pregnant or nursing individuals may put up extra weight, Lepticell is not recommended for such pregnant women or nursing mothers.

Children also are not to take the product unless In the case of extreme child obesity, even at that, child usage should be strictly on the recommendation of a doctor.

What if I’m not satisfied with the product’s performance?

Unsatisfied customers could find the refund policy useful. After 90 days of using the product, if a consumer is not satisfied with the result, they are qualified to ask for a refund. The refund is then processed seamlessly and such unsatisfied customers get a 100% refund.

Lepticell supplement’s Direction for use

A bottle of Lepticell contains 60 capsules of the supplements. Each bottle is designed to last for a month. In this case, the right dosage is two tablets per day. It is recommended that users drink enough water or other fluids while on the supplements.


Obesity isn’t just dangerous but reduces physical appeal. Even when we concentrate on the health impact of obesity, being overweight can overwhelm the organs and even our frame. This can result in different forms of health complications. Obesity can be a menace sometimes. It complicates health and may reduce physical activeness and even impact mental alertness.

Lepticell reviews consumer reports a favorable rating on average, sitting at around 8.88/10.0 from customers around the world, citing effectiveness and lack of side effects as some of the selling points.


We can’t also entirely overlook the cosmetics aspect of being overweight. We are more appealing when we maintain a healthy weight. Individuals of moderate or healthy weight are also considered attractive. This makes Lepticell both a cosmetic and health supplement. We recommend it as a safe way of attaining a healthy weight while looking good.




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