Here are Astrological rituals to make your Dussehra more special


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Updated: Oct 14, 2018, 06:40 AM IST

Dussehra is celebrated every year to mark the victory of good over evil. Also, to show gratitude to Lord Rama, who,  went through difficulties to free Sita from the devil, Ravana.

The whole story of Ramayana shows how every time the evil strikes to raise its head, the good has always destroyed it. The Ramayana is an ageless scripture and theology of Santan Dharma, the timeless Vedic heritage of the world. Sage Valmiki has presented in this epic the life story of Sri Rama.

According to dharma and traditions exemplified by sages and seers, a noble mother indeed, occupies the highest pedestal of love, respect, dignity and honour in the minds of her son or daughter. The Ramayana has provided Kausalya, Sumitra, Sita Devi and others as noble mothers walking the path of dharma, and who are exemplary characters.

In today’s era, parents not only have a responsibility to teach dharma to their children but also  more importantly, practice what they preach. Dharma is like walking on tightrope, even a small slip can result in heavy price such as loss of honour and reputation.

Astrologically, dharma is a symbol of planet Jupiter, which signifies dignity, love, sacrifice, protection of karma, dharma and victory over the evil. It is believed that if a person writes three favourable names of Lord Rama according to his zodiac sign, he/she will have strength during  adversity. The name should be written with a particular ink,  in a specific direction. Fold the paper and keep it in the pocket. The position will give him/her the strength and luck to have powerful friends to overcome every difficult situation of life.

ARIES: Sriram, Ramchandra and ShashvatColour: OrangeDirection: South

TAURUS: Shrimate, Purshotam and JaitraColour: PinkDirection: South-East

GEMINI: Janardhan, Vishvamitra and SatyavacheColour: GreenDirection: North

CANCER: Vedatma, Satyavarata and TrivikarmaColour: White, but it should be written on black paperDirection: North-West

LEO: Dhanvi, Pitrabhakta and VarapradhaColour: RedDirection: East

VIRGO: Jitendriya, Jagatguru and MahadevColour: GreenDirection: North

LIBRA: Mahabhuja, Soumya and BrahmanyaColour: WhiteDirection: South-East

SCORPIO: Mahayogi, Adipurvsha and MahapurashaaColour: SaffronDirection: South

SAGITTARIUS: Dayasara, Mitabhasha and RaghavColour: YellowDirection: North-East

CAPRICORN: Hari, Peetavasa and DhanurdharaColour: BlackDirection: East

AQUARIUS: Yajvane, Paresha and SachidanandaColour: GreyDirection: West

PISCES: Shoora, Shyamanga and PunyodayaColour: YellowDirection: North-East

Astro Advice

Recite path of Sunderkand from Ramayana daily in the morning. The process is favourable for timely marriage. It rectifies Manglik-Dosha. The native gains popularity and success in love affairs. Those desirous of pregnancy can also read this chapter of Ramayana.

Vaastu Tip

Ramayana is a great epic. Fold this book in red cloth and keep it in south direction of house. It is considered auspicious for studies, business, wealth and general prosperity of life.


Alcohol should be avoided particularly on Tuesday and Thursday. Doing so, can create miracles in life.

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