Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Saturday claimed that nobody can stop Congress President Rahul Gandhi from becoming the Prime Minister in 2019. 

Speaking at the 84th Congress Plenary Session in Delhi, the Congress leader said, "Nobody can stop Rahul Gandhi from becoming the Prime Minister of the country in 2019."

Further expressing confidence in winning the upcoming Karnataka Assembly polls, the Congress leader said, "I am confident that under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi we will come to power in Karnataka with thumping majority. It will be a big pull and stepping stone for the upcoming elections,"

Siddaramaiah further claimed 90 percent of promises made in the election manifesto during 2013 Karnataka Assembly polls have been fulfilled."Today with the blessings of Sonia Gandhi, Dr Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi our government has fulfilled more than 90% of what was promised made in our manifesto. We made realistic promises," Siddaramaiah added.


At the ongoing Plenary Session, the Congress on Saturday decided to adopt a pragmatic approach for cooperation with all like-minded parties to defeat the BJP-RSS in the 2019 elections.

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi, while addressing the first Plenary Session as the party president, asserted that it is the Congress party, who can "show the way and take the nation forward".

The Gandhi scion also attacked the Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the Centre over its alleged misrule."The country is tired of what is happening under the current Government," he added.