Ready for python pizzas anyone?

Thursday, 8 May 2014 - 9:42am IST | Agency: AFP

One restauranteur gets creative in an effort to bring awareness to the impact invasive pythons are having on Everglades National Park. Invented in 2011, python pizza has seen marked success in southern Florida.

Evan Daniell rolls out his pizza dough, just like every night. But the toppings this innovative restauranteur has in mind are anything but typical... Python, the star ingredient of the "Everglades" pie at Ethan's Neighborhood Pizza, which also features alligator sausage and frogs legs, bones included.

Daniell said, "It was just to create talk about the shop and being creative and low and behold this thing just literally went viral. People talk about it all the time and whether it's negative or positive it really doesn't matter because the fact is: we can make it and it's delicious."

Evan began serving python-topped pizza two years ago, as authorities were warning of the invasive Asian snakes' negative impact on the local ecosystem. It became a popular new addition to the area's food scene, a species not traditionally eaten by locals.