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What really happened to #MH17; Conspiracy theory videos surface online implicating Kiev's involvement

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 - 3:20pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

All 295 people on board a Malaysia Airlines plane were feared dead, on Thursday, after the aircraft was reportedly shot down over war-torn eastern Ukraine near the Russian border, nearly four months after the mysterious disappearance of MH370 in the Indian Ocean. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew members. The passenger liner came down close to the town of Shaktarsk in Ukraine's rebellion-wracked region of Donetsk after disappearing from the radar and teams from the emergency services were trying to reach the scene, Russian media quoted an unnamed security source as saying. Reports also say that it was a ground-to-air missile or surface-to-air missile that shot down the plane.

Since then the world's leaders have been meeting, trying to figure out the question on everyone's mind. Who shot down the plane? So far the Western countries along with Ukraine, are blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the shooting. While Russia and their allies are blaming Ukraine.

But what's really interesting is the emergence of a whole bunch of conspiracy theories that have been surfacing online, the most recent ones being videos that implicate Kiev's involvement in Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash.

Here's one entitled 'BUSTED! Ukraine Caught Trying to 'Frame Russia' for Shooting Down Malaysia Flight MH17!' by YouTuber DAHBOO77. The video picks off from a Facebook post by a parody account. The video goes on to explain that Ukraine has faked news before, and this time they are blaming Russia to provoke a war.​ They show a post containing a video that shows that the rebels were behind the crash and this video was actually created before the crash. So the person that put the information out there, knew the plane was going to get attacked, and they were trying to blame Russia.

Here's another one, called 'Flight MH17 False Flag Conspiracy FULLY EXPOSED! Complete Compilation Of ALL The Evidence! - BUSTED!' by YouTube account PressResetEarth​. This one again says that Ukraine is behind the attack, and that the facts have been fabricated and the claims against Russia are unfounded and untrue.

Till today, it is uncertain what actually happened, but the Internet sure has their fair share to say. One of the most popular conspiracy theories out there revolve around the ancient cult 'The Illuminati' having their hand in the crash. A website entitled theconspiracyzone has listed down the following information as proof to back up this theory:

  • Let’s start of with the plane being a boeing 777. Multiples of 11.
  • Let’s not forget it was also a boeing 777 Malaysian jetliner that disappeared into thin air on March 8th. Hopefully you can see these two events are related.
  • It was shot down at 33,000 feet. 33 being an Illuminati Master number.
  • It was shot down on 7/17 2014. 7+1+7+2+0+1+4=22. There are also 3 number 7’s
  • It just so happens that TWA flight 800 was shot down on July 17th 1996. This was the 18 anniversary of that event…..coinsidence?
  • It’s no secret that 777 is used in numerous occultic rituals and was written about extensively by Satanist Aleister Crowley

The number 777 is a number important to the Illuminati and esoteric occult groups. The Qabalah book that Madonna and New Agers always refer to as a source of esoteric knowledge features a book called ’777.’ However, more importantly, occultist and magician Aleister Crowley referenced it in a document he wrote called Liber 777 Vel Prolegoma Symbolica Ad Systemam Sceptico-Mysticae Viae Explicande, Fundamentum Hieroglyphicum Sanctissimorum Scientiae Summae. The ’777′ is important in the title of all of that, and it’s used in many magic rituals.

Here, another video by DAHBOO77 shows a ground explosion and not a mid-air explosion, leading more people to believe in the various theories floating around the virtual world.

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