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NASA joins the selfie movement with #GlobalSelfie campaign for Earth Day 2014

Saturday, 5 April 2014 - 6:45pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

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With levels of pollution, environmental degradation and other earthly problems on a constant rise, the need to have a systematic and environment-friendly approach is essential. In the recent past, there have been numerous government and non-government initiatives that crusade to protect the planet.

In the year 1969, at a UNESCO conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honour the Earth and the concept of peace. The idea materialised and was eventually adopted by US Senator Gaylord Nelson. The first ever Earth Day was thus celebrated on April 22, 1970 as the National Environmental Teach-in day in America. In the United States, Denis Hayes propelled the event and also popularised it. Today the day is celebrated in over 192 countries globally and coordinated by the Non profit 'Earth Day Network'.

Each year on April 22, the world joins hands to create awareness about the planet and its problems. Public speeches, gatherings, convention programmes at schools and colleges, events and awareness drives etc. take place all over the world in ode of the occasion. Environmental groups vow to make it a day of action which changes the way people react and act towards the planet we live in. 

NASA, the premium organisation for space and aeronautical research and design,has also decided to celebrate Earth Day this year, albeit with a slightly quirky twist. Noticing the current trend of the selfie revolution, NASA has encouraged people to do just what they love.

NASA astronauts were the first to capture images of the planet from space. Today their satellites capture various images of the planet, every second. People at NASA decided they needed a more conducive image of the earth and not just satellite mugshots. Thus the idea seeped in. This time for Earth Day, people all over the world will be clicking selfies in their respective environments and sending them to NASA. The organisation will then combine each of these individual images and release the 'blue marble'- a mosaic of the earth build bit by bit with all the collected images.

The planet is constantly changing and this initiative is one unique approach to demonstrate this change. Every selfie clicked for this event will need to contain the tag #GlobalSelfie. The place where the picture is taken must be evident, either by a signboard, a written connotation or by merely representing the printable signs created by NASA.

The selfies can be as random as possible, however it must serve the purpose. The true nature of the surrounding must reflect in the image. NASA will be monitoring the pictures coming in through the following websites: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram and Google+. 

While on Instagram, Twitter and Google+ users can upload their photos merely with the Hashtag, the pictures on Facebook and Flickr will have to go in through the official page of the event.

Here is an interesting video on Earth day:

As NASA embarks on their global selfie journey, we take a look at 10 things you could do for this Earth Day:

Take the #GlobalSelfie: Take part in the NASA initiative and do your tiniest bit to save the planet.

Tree time: This time for Earth Day, plant saplings, water plants or simply take in the smell of soil. Vermicomposting can also be a good way to spend the day. Pesticides and their harmful chemicals take a toll on the green life. Take a step to curb this action.

Recycle: Recycling is probably the best thing to happen to human kind. It is easy and cost effective. Major industries like newspaper printing units, packaged food industry, plastic and glass ware industries vow by recycling. The blessing of re using the same thing again and again is indeed special. At our individual level recycling can also be an interesting hobby.

Nature Walk: The day can be spent amidst nature and its marvels. A walk in the wilderness is perfect to rejuvenate the soul. Bird watching can be an interesting hobby to pursue this time.

Go green: The most crucial step to existence is Go green. This can involve basic steps to conserve electricity, water, resources  and yourself. It is very important to use the things we have in a moderate amount. This will help you and your future generations.

Bring out the green business: Eco friendly decorations, art works, breathable fabrics, daily use articles made in an eco-friendly way  are all big sources of income for many in the country. Learn to design and create such green, creative things. It sure helps rake in the moolah!

Clean up the litter: This Earth Day is your golden opportunity to become the cleanliness freak. Clean your house, your street or simply just your cupboard. A clean, candle lit house looks much more appealing and romantic than a littered, electricity run one.

Engage in conversations: Learn about the environment. It is really amusing how one meaningful conversation can change someone's life. Be the person who brings in a change- in your life and in someone else's too.

Personify: Give the day a human form. Organise or participate in dramas and plays specially put up for the day. Sing songs, cook, dance or merely wear clothes that speak about your idea of the Earth. Give the planet a face and voice. Be the planet.

Cycle: Heavy pollution and traffic can be quite a menace. Take a green step, or rather a green peddle. This is your chance to get back to your childhood and begin pushing those wheels again. As the world ushers in the Earth Day on April 22, peddle your way to good health.

It's our time to do something, our time to give back. Here is a video on why you must:

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