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BBC gives presenter Jeremy Clarkson 'final warning' over 'racist' clip

Sunday, 4 May 2014 - 11:40am IST | Agency: ANI

BBC TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been given a final warning by the network if 'he makes, one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time'.

The comments were made by Clarkson after he used a racist term during a taping of his show 'Top Gear'. 

Writing in the Sun, Clarkson insisted he did not use a racist word while reciting the nursery rhyme Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe. According to the BBC, Clarkson was reportedly heard mumbling the letter 'n' while beginning the rhyme. The BBC said it 'left him in no doubt about how seriously we view this'. 

Clarkson was initially accused of using the 'n-word' on Thursday by the Daily Mirror, which said it had hired 'audio forensic experts' to analyse the clip it had obtained, the report said. The TV presenter then released a video statement 'begging forgiveness' for the error, admitting he had appeared to 'mumble' the offensive word despite attempting not to. 

Clarkson wrote in the Sun, where he has a weekly column, that he has been told by the BBC that if he makes one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time, he would be sacked. He also said the BBC had told him 'very firmly' to apologise but added apologising for using the n-word would be the same as apologising for starting the war in Syria, the report added.

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