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Amused Crimeans take pictures and selfies with 'invading' Russian troops

Monday, 3 March 2014 - 11:08pm IST | Agency: dna webdesk

It's hardly an invasion if they welcome you like celebrities
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Even as the western world is flipping out about Russia sending its troops into the Crimean territory, the citizens themselves are only mildly amused with the foreign military marching into their city.

So many of them are out there taking pictures and selfies with the troops, who by the looks of it are happily obliging to the curious local crowds.

 This one below, responded to queries on her picture by saying, “All right! everything is under control!”. She even explained how that majority of Crimea's population consists of Russian and the rest are a smaller motley crew of Greek, Armenians, German and other nations.

This, of course, could be one of the reason for the calm at the approaching troops.

There was small debate on this particular post, if whether it was afterall an invasion.

This one brought her children to the show:

And this one:

The soldiers seemed to be very popular with the kids:

And the old:

Here's another lady:

And this man:

Many are finding it extremely amusing. Like this lady, who put this picture out with message “SOS” and “Help!”

So take heed, Obama! In light of these reactions, you may need to rework on your foreign policy towards, Russia.

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