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Afghanistan to free 37 Taliban prisoners despite US retaliation

Monday, 27 January 2014 - 4:10pm IST | Agency: ANI

Afghanistan is likely going to release 37 prisoners, the first batch of alleged Taliban prisoners who are alleged to have killed dozens, within two weeks.

Abdul Shukur Dadras from the government body reviewing detainees at Bagram jail, which was previously run by US forces, said the first batch of detainees will be released, Dawn News reports.

Earlier, Kabul had announced that a total of 72 detainees held at Bagram jail would be freed due to lack of evidence. The US military force in Afghanistan condemned the decision, saying that the prisoners were “dangerous insurgents” who had Afghan blood on their hands.

The issue is going to further strain US-Afghan relations, already under pressure to sign a long-delayed security deal allowing extended stay of some American soldiers in the country post 2014 NATO withdrawal, the report added.

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