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South Africa judge warns against turning murder case of gay nightclub owner into 'Oscar Pistorius trial'

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 - 9:02am IST | Agency: ANI

A South African judge has reprimanded a prosecutor in the murder trial of a gay nightclub owner for asking too long questions, saying that he did not want the case to turn into another Oscar Pistorius' trial.

Bruno Bronn, who owned a nightclub named 'The Bronx' in the Cape Town, was strangled in his home and the first of three men on trial for the murder was accused of fabricating events

According to News24, Frederick Willem John Coetzer, a bouncer at The Bronx, was questioned at length about his relationship with Bronn by prosecutor Arno Nell, who accused Coetzer of 'fabricating' his story.

Despite Coetzer insisting that he is neither homosexual nor bisexual and did not have any sexual relationship with Bronn, who he said was HIV-positive, however, Nell said Bronn had complained that Coetzer repeatedly harassed him, and had said he was terrified of Coetzer.

At one stage, Nell asked several questions as one, prompting the judge to intervene and order the prosecutor to break his long question into several smaller ones, saying that he does not want the trial to turn into an 'Oscar Pistorius' trial.

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