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So now N Srinivasan wants to use 'his experience' as BCCI president to tackle corruption in international cricket

Thursday, 3 July 2014 - 1:04pm IST | Place: Mumbai

N Srinivasan opens up in first interview after appointment as ICC chairman. Excerpts:
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In his very first interview after being appointed as the International Cricket Council (ICC) Chairman N Srinivasan talked about his past, the allegations against him, the public perception, corruption in cricket and the increasing power of India in world cricket.

Here are a few excerpts from his interview to NDTV:  

On his appointment: I think the other members of the International Cricket Council have reposed their faith in the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and in me and as a result my election was unanimous.

On the public sentiment to his appointment: This is what newspapers say. I cannot fight the media; saying I was 'barred' was a perception—a headline. I had voluntarily stepped down.

On his past time at the BCCI: But all this is what had happened. What is important is what you look forward to.

On the increasing corruption in cricket: I think the ICC has stepped up its vigil. The most important aspect of this is the education program that is being run, where teams and players are being educated on this subject and given details as to how the approach is made and how players should report. Slowly but surely, the efforts of the ICC are paying off. The slightest approach to the players is being reported. Over a period of time, the efforts of ICC will meet considerable success.

On the work by ICC's anti-corruption unit : The ICC's anti-corruption unit is not a police force; they don't have the powers that law-enforcement agencies have. Their power is increasing though.

On the efforts being made: ICC is in the process of improving and updating the code of ethics that they have. Most of the cricket being played is very clean. It is now our effort to make it 100% clean.

On being asked if the matter of corruption not being treated seriously: I'm the kind of person who doesn't want even one match to be under any doubt. But with the volume of cricket, where there are 2 or 3 series' being played simultaneously at times, its difficult."

On the allegations of India, Australia and England being the big three in ICC: The impression that power is vested in three countries is not quite correct. Only for the first term, the chairmen will be chosen from England, Australia and India. The heads will be elected by the members in the later terms.

On India's contribution to world cricket: One has to recognise the contribution of India to world cricket, to the economy of world cricket, it cannot be brushed aside. India contributes 75-80% to world revenue and will get 20% of the ICC money , as compared to the 3% earlier. You have to look at it as recognition of India's contribution. India is giving more than it is taking from the table, thus being very fair.

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