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Newcastle United's Paul Dummett recieves death threats over tackle on Luis Suarez

Friday, 23 May 2014 - 7:59pm IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: dna webdesk

  • Paul Dummett was sent off for the tackle on Luis Suarez Getty Images

Newcastle United's left-back Paul Dummett was subjected to death threats on twitter as the Uruguay fans blamed the young defender for Luis Suarez's injury. Its alleged by the Uruguayan FA that Suarez picked up the knee injury in his last match for Liverpool against Newcastle United, where the 22-year old Dummett was sent off for a tackle on Suarez.

Suarez has undergone a knee surgery on May 22. The Uruguayan FA claimed have said that Suarez felt pain in his knee during the training session. After a few tests, it was confirmed that he had to undergo a knee surgery. Suarez's mother has stated that the surgery was successful and the striker would be fit in 2-3 weeks.

Though Suarez is expected to recover before Uruguay's opening match against Costa Rica on June 14, the injury news has angered thousands of Uruguay fans across. This has lead to death threats for Dummett. A Twitter user named Federico Gonzalez (@FicoGonzalez13), wrote: "Hi @PaulDummett, from Uruguay we hope someday u come here to have a nice time w/ friends. We have things for you, like a bullet in the head." 

An Uruguayan Twitter handle 'We are not Botineras' unleashed tweets targeting Paul Dummett and blaming him for Suarez's injury. Here are their tweets:

Apparently, the Uruguayan media have come up with a conspiracy theory, stating Paul Dummett deliberately fouled Suarez, so that he misses the match against England on June 19. They have termed this injury "criminal" because according to them, the absence of Suarez would benefit England and help them qualify through the group stage of the World Cup. The Uruguayan media have compared this “crime” to the 1966 World Cup, as they claim Uruguay and Argentina were cheated out of the tournament by referees favoring England and Germany, with the help of then FIFA president, Sir Stanley Rous, an Englishman. 

Uruguayan website Tenfield.com's views on the conspiracy theory of Dummett's intentional tackle on Suarez: Missing just eight minutes to end the game against Newcastle, the coach made a change. Paul Dummett who joined in the first action was to hit participated strongly in Luis Suarez. He hit on his left knee. Clearly entered with the intent and committed willful injury to the Uruguayan striker. The reason? It is difficult to determine. But this tremendous blow received by Suarez left knee, gave rise to unpleasant news that moves the sports world today. Suarez operated meniscus, with 20 days resposo is very difficult it can play any game in the first phase of the World Cup Brazil 2014. And if it does, it does not take a whiz-his football potential is markedly decreased by lack of training and the consequent loss of his athleticism.

This afternoon in the "sports Oral", our colleague Alberto Kesman contacted with branded London-based colleague, Alvaro Levrero, who said the knee was "criminal" . Subsequently, Kesman asked how were the English? and Alvaro Levrero said his daughter told him that "his colleagues in the office were happy with the possible absence of Suarez in the match against England" . Then when asked if Alberto Kesman was intentional and could have been sent if the respondent said "yes, that was intentional trial and could have been sent" . And justified his words by adding: "The player who hit Suarez he did when everything was over, the party decided there was nothing to play. What other proof can have this man so hit Suárez, like a murder? But also, there is another fact that is unmistakable. The judge immediately expelled player. She showed him the red card. And then comes another episode that shows that this was intentional. Two days after the expulsion, the Newcastle asked the FA (English Association) that the red card was lifted and the player was not suspended. Immediately continued expressing FA-Levrero took the favorable resolution. He takes the red card. This procedure of asking for a decision like this is not common in the English League, much less adopt when there is nothing left to play, when you're all set, as it was when the player hit him, again, that criminal knee Suarez . And I maintain that it was intentional and ordered with specific arguments. 

The theme and doubts about the malicious attitude Dummet enlarge, when you think that England is in the same group of Uruguay. And the English, with a team diminished by various injuries and including many juveniles undermines its chances of qualifying for the next round.

In this case the story also brings negative data. Nobody forgets the maneuvers performed by the English in the 1966 World Cup, they organized to "take" of the world to the River Plate countries (Uruguay and Argentina) that threatened England's chances to win the Cup That was literally qualified of "theft." Not just for the unjust expulsion of Rattín in Argentina against England at Wembley, and the disastrous performance of the referee of the match between Uruguay and Germany at Sheffiel where not sent a clear penalty for Uruguay Schenllinger by hand, nor by subsequent Trocha expulsions and Hector Horacio Silva. Was not that the "theft". The "theft" was to adopt a fully antireglamentaria extent prevented by the rules governing the competition, according to which it was stated that the officials of the countries that qualified for the second round, were unable to act in the following comparisons. The FIFA President then, Stanley Rous, put aside the rules and kept activity to a german judge (who refereed Uruguay-Germany) and another (leading Argentina-England) at Wembley. The matches were played at the same time and the "theft" was twofold. The crossing of judges, as this maneuver he met the English, British and Teutonic allowed to go forward. They met in the final. In that instance who paid the piper and the British stole the match was to the Germans. When were 2:2 in overtime, the judge awarded England's third goal in an action where the ball hits the horizontal, and dove down the field without transposing the line. The Soviet line said nothing. In this way, left England World Champion. Now see them as ugly before the Uruguay Luis Suarez of newsprint threatened not to go to the second round, pull Suárez world gives them more chance to move on.


Here are some of the Twitter reactions on the Dummett-Suarez incident:

Paul Dummett defended himself. He told the Mirror UK : “The challenge was inadvertent. I hit him and the ball with my left foot and he went down under the challenge. I hope he makes the World Cup because he is one of the best players in the world so he should be there. Having said that, I injured my meniscus three years ago and I was out for three months, so it will depend on the injury and exactly where it is on the knee.” 

However, Suarez is positive for a rapid recovery: 


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