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LIVE IPL: Royal Challangers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings: Dhoni-Du Plesis leads Chennai's to a comprehensive win over Bangalore

Saturday, 24 May 2014 - 2:33pm IST | Place: Mumbai

  • Bangalore crowd would be expecting some entertainment from Chris Gayle in their new jersey dna

Saturday: 24th May, 16:00 IST
Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore

A meaningless game is in store as Royal Challangers Bangalore take on Chennai Super Kings in the garden city, Bangalore. The local boys will be decked up in green jerseys- supporting their Go-Green campaign, something they do it every season to show their support for the environment. 

RCB is already out of the tournament, for a third season in a row they have come up short, failing to make the playoffs. Their big guns have failed to deliver this time, Gayle has been completely out of touch, captain Kohli has has also not been in best of the form, Yuvraj-barring a few innings has also failed except,  AB Devilliars, who has been the lone batsman to make a mark. The displeasure was also shown by their owner Dr. Vija Mallya who tweeted this morning


While Chennai on the other hand with their superb early run once again qualified for the play-offs, but having lost last 3 games on the trott, they would be hoping to turn the tables around from today onwards and wouldn't want to scale down in the play-offs. Their bowling has not been top notch in recent times, but its not all gloom having done wonders with their batting line-up.

The last time these two teams met, AB Develliars cameo won it for Bangalore against Chennai.

Despite winning the last two games against Chennai, RCB trail 7-8 in the head to head between these two sides

Chennai stand 2nd in the points table with 16 points
RCB is on 7th position with 10 points


15:46 IST Saturday, 24 May 2014

Welcome to Chinnaswamy for the final game to be played in garden city, Bangalore between these two teams

Chennai have won the toss and Dhoni will field first

The biggest news and probably the disappointment among the RCB fans is that they won't get to see Chris Gayle today

For RCB Gayle, Muralitharan, Dinda and Nechim are out, in comes Rampaul, Rossouw, Zol and Jakati

Chennai have dropped Hastings and Negi, in comes Badree and Nehra

Royal Challangers Bangalore- V. Zol, Y. Takawale (wk), V. Kohli (c), Y. Singh, AB. Devilliars, R. Rossouw, M. Starc, S. Rana, Y. Chahal, R. Rampaul, S. Jakati

Chennai Super Kings: D. Smith, F. Plesis, S. Raina, M. Dhoni (wk/c), D. Hussey, R. Jadeja, M. Manhas, R. Ashwin, M. Sharma, S. Badree, A. Nehra 

Takawale and Roussouw open for RCB, Nehra has the new ball


OUT, NEHRA STRIKES TIMBER ! lenght ball, kept a bit low, takes and inside edge from Roussouw's bat and onto the stumps, Chennai strike very early in the game, Roussouw gone for 1

Zol is the new batsman at no.3, he was under-19 captain of the Indian Cricket Team which played the Under-19 World Cup in February this year in UAE

Badree will share the new ball

FOUR, BREAKING THE SHACKELS ! after 5 dot balls, Takawale smacks Badree over midwicket for four

RCB 6/1 (2) Takawale 5*- Zol 0* Run rate: 3:00

Chinnaswamy's record- Out of 35 times, teams winning the toss and fielded first- they have won 17 games

Nehra continues

SIX, slower ball from Nehra, Zol lunges forward and smack that one over the sight screen

Badree to bowl

FOUR, starighter one, and swept away with force towards long leg for four

FOUR, fuller on leg stump, Takawale sweeps that one with ease, easy pickings for the batsman

FOUR, outside off but a touch shortish, Takawale pulls that one for four, poor effort from Mohit Sharma at the boundary as the ball went past under diving Sharma

RCB 28/1 (4) Takawale 18*- Zol 9* Run rate: 7:00

16:18 IST Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ashwin has been introduced

OUT, LBW straightaway he makes an impact, straighter one from around the wicket, doesn't spin and Takawale is given out by Umpire Anil Chaudhary after a long appeal, he departs for 19

In Comes the flambouyant captain Kohli at no.4

Mohit Sharma inserted into the attack

OUT ! BOWLED ! from around the wicket, straight on stumps, Zol swings his bat across the line, doesn't get any connect and his stumps are rattled

Yuvraj Singh comes out to bat

RCB 34/3 (6) Yuvraj 1*- Kohli 0* Run rate: 5.66

Raina now, so Dhoni again rotating his bowlers

Dhoni is using plenty of spinners here, and rotating his bowlers, not letting the batsmen to settle for one

Kohli's last year batting average in IPL was 45.28, he only averages at 23.83 in this season

Mohit Sharma bowls

Excellent over from him, just 2 runs from the over

RCB 41/3 (8) Kohli 2*- Yuvraj 5* Run rate: 5.12

Raina continues, with a slip in place

This has been a fabulous start from Men in Yellow , that's what they needed, quick wickets and RCB is on back foot

Time Out

Here's Ashwin

Slower one, Yuvraj dances down, just a chip shot straight, they take 2 runs

SIX, Kohli uses his feet, and goes big towards the deep midwicket for a maximum, great placement from him, perfect hand-eye coordination when he played that one

RCB 56/3 (10) Yuvraj 11*- Kohli 11* Run rate: 5.60

Raina to Kohli on pads, nudged towards fine leg, excellent dive from Mohit Sharma to prevent it going to the boundary, they take 3 runs, Sharma is not comfortbale, he is limping after that dive

Yuvraj opens face and plays this towards pioint for a single

Ashwin will continue, he bowls from the stumps

16:48 IST Saturday, 24 May 2014


SIX, too short, Kohli has ample of time, rocks back and swivleved  on it, for a six towards long leg

RCB 73/3 (12) Kohli 25*- Yuvraj 14* Run rate: 6.08

Raina continues

RCB are going about, but they need to be little more aggressive to push forward for a good total from here onwards, whereas a wicket or too will occur in a collapse for them

FOUR, Yuvraj down on his knees, picks his spot towards midwicket

FOUR, short and wide, Yuvi cuts that one away, too much room for the batsman

Raina completes his spell of 4 overs

That sums up RCB's journey 

MSD uses his trump card- Sir Jadeja to bowl

OUT, SIR STRIKES ! lenght ball, Yuvraj again looking towards that midwicket region, but doesn't get the distance, Raina takes an easy catch, Yuvi gone for 25

A partnership of 55 runs comes to an end

RCB had four 50+ partnerships in this year's IPL

Time Out
ABD is the new man

RCB 88/4 (14) Kohli 29*- ABD 0* Run rate: 6.28

Badree comes back

SIX, dancing down once again and Kohli swatting it over long on

That's 100 for RCB 

Chinnaswamy roaring with the chant of- ABD ABD ABD 

Jadeja continues, 5 overs to go

9 runs from the over

RCB 110/4 (16) Kohli 47*- ABD 2* Run rate: 6.87

In last 5 overs, RCB's scoring rate has been at 9.40

Ashiwn to bowl his last over

FOUR, Ashwin from around the wicket, Kohli goes back and hits that one towards leg side for four, that's 50 for Kohli 

FOUR, reverse sweep from ABD, crisp timing and for four

Last 3 overs- Except some fireworks now

Nehra comes back

FOUR, full toss there for the taking and Kohli blasts that one towards midwicket, that went liek a tracer bullet

FOUR, DEVELLIARS THIS TIME ! Nehra from round the wicket, bowls a length delivery, ABD smashes that one towards midwicket

OUT, PERFECT YORKER ! this time Nehra delivers a yorker, ABD swings to play the same shot, misses and stumps castled, the angle and the length deceiving ABD

ABD's strike rate against Nehra was 286, today is the first time that Nehra has dismissed ABD

Sachin Rana walks out to bat

RCB 132/5 (18) Kohli 59*- Rana 1* Run rate: 7.33


17:16 IST Saturday, 24 May 2014

Mohit Sharma bowls

SIX, Kohli reaches forward and hits that one towards deep midwicket, it hasn't been timed properly, but well enough to clear the fence

11 runs from it

Last over coming up

SIX, WHAT A SOUND IT MADE ! Length delivery from Nehra, Virat takes one step out of his crease and clobbers it miles over midwicket, that's 150 up for RCB

OUT, another yorker and ball went back to hit the stumps after taking an inside edge off the pads, Kohli departs after playing a great innings of 73

Starc walks out

Good over from Nehra giving away just singles

RCB 154/6 in 20 overs (Rana 5*- Starc 2*)


So, RCB have managed 53 runs in the last 5 overs, that took them past 150, the total put there is moderate after their openers failed again to live up to the expectations, and then Chennai doing well to cordon off the runs but it was one man who should be thanked, yes the captain Kohli, who took the initiative and driven RCB to this total with a great innings which included some blistering shots.

Chennai with a strong batting line up will back themselves to chase this one down, however, for the one last time in this year's IPL, RCB would do anything to win this one for them and for their fans.

Join us for the chase in few minutes

Back for chase

17:44 IST Saturday, 24 May 2014


157 is the lowest total successfully defended by RCB at Chinnaswamy, can they beat their own record?

In-form Dwayne Smith is joined by Faf Du Plesis, Jakati will open the bowling

Jakati has twice dismissed Smith in IPL

Slow left arm spin to start with, a slip in place

Short, Smith pulls, just falls in short of diving Starc, could have been a sensational catch if taken

Another one in the air, Smith chips but just manages to clear mid-on

RCB feeling they are in with a chance to pick up a quick wicket

Dwayne Smith's batting average 1st innings: 26.81 and in 2nd innings: 46.21 (since 2011 IPL)

Ravi Rampaul to bowl from other end

FOUR, GREETINGS ! classy straight drive from Smith

FOUR, HAMMERED ! Faf going down the pitch and hammering him over midwicket

SIX, down the track again and plays it over long-off for a maximum, Faf taking on Rampaul here

CSK 20/0 (2) Faf 11*- Smith 9* Required rate: 7.50

SIX, ELEGANT AND POWERFUL ! flighted on off stump, Smith just picks it up and chips this one for four

FOUR, Faf this time, flashy cover drive 

Starc replaces Rampaul

Starc bowling average in IPL 2014 - around the wicket: 37.66 - over the wicket: 23.27 

FOUR, Oh goodness, full on off stump, Smith punches it straight down the ground 

FOUR, length, Smith is going bezerk, this time over covers, one bounce for four

SIX, short and pulled away for six, Chennai are in a hurry, they want to finish this one very early

CSK took 4 overs to get to fifty today, their quickest fifty in the IPL

CSK 53/0 (4) Faf 22*- Smith 30* Req rate: 6.37

Rampaul changing ends

FOUR, slower ball, Uppish straight drive from Smith and four more, CSK on a roll

OUT, Smith looking to play towards the on-side gets a top edge and is caught by skipper Kohli at midwicket, no celebrations from Kohli, gone for 34

Suresh Raina comes at no. 3

Good over from Rampaul this time, just 6 runs off it

Starc to continue

FOUR, overpitched from Starc, Raina caresses it down the ground for four

CSK 64/1 (6) Faf 27*- Raina 6*

CSK require 91 runs from 84 balls

Time Out

18:13 IST Saturday, 24 May 2014

Indeed Ravi Kiran !

Leg spinner Chahal comes onto bowl

Chennai has been sensational with their start, at same stage RCB were 39/3 while CSK are 69/1 ..shows the difference

Sachin Rana inserted into the attack 

FOUR, Short and Raina times it towards midwicket for four, excellent shot

CSK 76/1 (8) Faf 30*- Raina 11*

79 runs required from 72 balls

FOUR, Raina takes a few steps out of the crease and smashes it towards the midwicket

Yuvraj now into the attack

OUT, STUMPED ! Yuvraj immediately makes an impact, Raina takes a few steps out, flighted from Yuvraj and Takewala does a good job, out for 18

MS Dhoni comes at no. 4

CSK 87/2 (10) Faf 33*- Dhoni 1*

68 runs required from 60 balls

Chahal continues

BIG APPEAL ! turned down- Faf jumps out of his crease, ball pops out and keeper takes it, loud appeal from RCB, umpire says no, replays show that it cam off the glove, lucky escape for Faf, disappointment for Bangalore

Good over, just 3 runs from it

95/2 (12) Faf 37*- Dhoni 5* Req. rate: 7.50

Jakati comes back

Dhoni trouble, he is limping while he took a single, probably a hamstring, CSK takes a Time Out and in the meanwhile Dhoni will get some treatment

4 runs from it, RCB just cramping CSK for runs here, if they can take a few quick wickets here, this match might become interesting

Yuvi bowls

18:44 IST Saturday, 24 May 2014


Dhoni taps down to midwicket for 1 run, 100 up for CSK 

Last 5 overs 19 runs have come, no boundaries scored

CSK 103/2 (14) Faf 41*- Dhoni 9*

52 runs required from 36 balls

FOUR, paddle sweep from Dhoni, using Chahal's pace and working towards fine leg boundary

first boundary in 33 balls for Chennai

Yuvi to bowl his last over

CHANCE, FOUR ! Dhoni was down on the track, misses the ball, but the keeper also misses the stumping chance, went between hs legs for four, Yuvraj is not happy

SIX, MAESTRO DHONI ! takes a few steps and sends it roaring over the long on boundary

SIX, MASSIVE ! same shot and this went beyond the previous hit

FOUR, DHONI IS TAKING YUVI HERE ! onto the pads, Dhoni clubs it towards the deep sqaure leg with immense power

22 runs from Yuvi's last over

CSK 133/2 (16) Faf 44*- Dhoni 32*

22 required from 24 balls

Starc back into the attack

FOUR, around the wicket, and Dhoni has pummled that one towards long off for four

50 partnership comes

12 runs required from 18 balls

Jakati now

FOUR, swept hard four four

SIX, Dhoni comes out as Jakati drops short and into the stands

SIX, and GAME OVER ! Faf gets to fifty and ends the game with a lofted shot over long off for a maxium

A 75 run stand between these two helps Chennai register an emphatic victory over the Bangalore

CSK 160/2 in 17.5 overs Dhoni 49*- Faf 54*

Chennai beat Bangalore by eight wickets


Comprehensive is the word- Chennai outshining Bangalore in all the departments today, a strong chase first led by Smith and then the masterclass of Dhoni in finishing the innings was enthralling, how many times the cool ckipper have done it in his career, and not to forget the anchor role from Faf Du Plesis, who stayed right till the end to ensure that Chennai are home easily and scored a well deserved half century The big win also ensures that Chennai might finish in top two.

RCB will be disappointed with their season, they never fired as a team in this season, they have had one last chance to deliver for the excellent crowd and their fans at Chinnaswamy but failed to do so.

Skipper MS Dhoni is the Man of the Match

Final Score: Chennai Super Kings 160/2 in 17.5 overs (Faf 54*- Yuvraj 1/30) beat Royal Challangers Bangalore 154/6 in 20 overs (Kohli 73- Nehra 3/33) by eight wickets

That's all from the amazing Chinnaswamy, this is Uzair Hasan Rizvi, signing off ! 



















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