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LIVE IPL Qualifier: Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab: Kolkata beat Punjab by 28 runs, qualify for finals

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 - 3:07pm IST | Place: Kolkata

  • One to watch out for- Glenn Maxwell will be looking to make it count in a big game dna

Eden Gardens, Kolkata
Wednesday, 28 May

This is it, the final four are through and the qualifiers for the finals begin,  the winner will straightaway head to the finals. Kolkata Knight Riders take on table toppers Kings XI Punjab. The last time Kings XI reached the last four was in 2008.
The first qualifier, postponed by a day due to rain will the pit the two teams against each other. Its the bat vs the bowl, Kings XI had a phenomenol run with the bat while Knight RIders have had a very good outing with the bowl.

KKR hold the advantage over Kings XI as Eden Gardens has been mostly kind to the home side, they had a slow start in the tournament but came back with a bang, their prolific opener- Robin Uthappa is the top scorer of the tournament and with economical Sunil Narine in the sqaud, this gives makes them a balanced side. And not to miss out Shakib al Hasan and belligerent Yusuf Pathan, who are in red hot form.

Kings XI Punjab started their journey with aplomb winning almost everything, with likes of big powerhouses - Maxwell and Miller, they have dominated the opposition bowling with swashbucking hits. Their bowling is something that they should be worry off, Sandeep Sharma had a good initial run but looks a bit dizzy during the last leg of the games. Though, they are team buzzing with all the energy after wipingo out Delhi in the last game.

Head to Head:

Played 13: KXIP 6-7 KKR


15:37 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Welcome to buzzing Eden Gardens, it is sultry and sunny out here, plenty of rains last night but clear weather for today and the qualifier is on 

News from the centre is that George Bailey have won the Toss and Kings XI will bowl first

Kings XI are unchanged while KKR have made one change- Piyush Chawla comes in for Vinay Kumar


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Robin Uthappa (wk), M. Pandey, Y. Pathan, S. Hasan, R. Doeschate, S. Yadav, P. Chawla, M. Morkel, U. Yadav, S. Narine

Kings XI Punjab: V. Sehwag, M. Vohra, W. Saha (wk), G. Maxwell, D. Miller, G. Bailey (c), A. Patel, M. Johnson, R. Dhawan, K. Singh, P. Awana 

KKR batting first win percentage- 54%
KXIP batting second win percentage- 64%
(since 2011)

Yatin Jain making this battle more filmy


Gambhir and Uthappa comes out bat in front of the full house at Eden Gardens, Parwinder Awana with new ball


16:00 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Play !

Length delivery, shapes away, Uthappa plays it towards the third man with an open face for a single, loud cheer from the crowd

Mitchell Johnson sharing the new ball

OUT, HE STRIKES IT ! short and pacy from Mitch, Gambhir tries to pull, miscues and straight towards George Bailey at mid-on, KKR lose their captain early on, Gambhir remains pause, thankfully he is not searing at anyone today 

Manish Pandey comes at no. 3

KKR 5/1 (2) Uthappa 2*- Pandey 2* Run rate: 2.50

We are having some techincal problems, sorry for the lost feed

Mitchell Johnson gives away 17 runs from the over, Uthappa is the man in form taking on Kings XI bowlers

KKR 31/1 (4) Uthappa 19*- Pandey 8* Run rate: 7.75


Awana comes back

FOUR, TOP SHOT ! fuller on off side, He comes down the track and smashes it over extra cover 

FOUR, CRASHED ! short and pulled away for four,  one bounce over the rope

Rishi Dhawan is the new bowler

SIX, ROCKING ROBIN ! welcome Dhawan- oh boy, look at that for a shot- pure timing on that one, full and straight over the bolwers head

FOUR, Pandey slams this one down the ground- it brings up 50 runs for KKR

KKR 55/1 (6) Uthappa 37*- Pandey 14* Run rate: 9.16

Akshar Patel bowls

Good over only 3 runs from it and its Strategic Time Out

16:37 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Kings XI got an early breakthrough when Johnson got the wicket of Gambhir but since then Uthappa has been rocking, hitting shots around all parts of the ground and propelling KKR to a solid position


Here's Karanveer

40 for Uthappa, he is in form of his life, that's 10th forty for Uthappa in as many innings

Top-edge stays there for a long time, but falls in no man lands, lucky one for Uthappa

FOUR, flighted out side off, Pandey drives handsomely towards the cover region

KKR 67/1 (8) Uthappa 42*- Pandey 21* Run rate: 8.37

Akhsar Patel now

OUT, it looks like a mere chip towards long off and Uthappa holes out, failed to score a half century, should have hit that one hard, gone for 42,

Shakib comes out to bat at no.4

OUT, ANOTHER WICKET ! unlucky Pnadey- bowl on the pads, Pandey looks to work towards on side, ball takes on the pads and hits the stump, out for 21

what an over- 2 wickets and a maiden

Kings XI have bowled 5 double wicket maiden overs, most by any IPL team

both set batsmen gone

Yusuf Pathan comes in to bat, can he repeat the magic?

Yusuf Pathan's batting strike rate in this year's IPL is 164 

Oh ! Shah Rukh Khan is present in the stands today

At half way through the stage- KKR 73/3 in 10 overs


Mitchell Johnson back into the attack

FOUR, Pathan goes for it, short and outside off, Pathan picks that one over the point region, good placement


17:01 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014F

Rishi Dhawan now,

FOUR, edged , length outside off, Pathan looks to swing, gets an outside edge past the keeper

KKR 90/3 (12) Pathan 13*- Shakib 8* Run rate: 7.50

Awana comes back

FOUR, SLAPPED ! good length outside off,Shakib takes two steps out and slaps it over the covers

LBW APPEAL ! not given- another loud appeal against Yusuf Pathan, Nigel Llong says no, he survies another scare, replays suggest would have gone on to hit top of the stumps

Rishi Dhawan now

SIX, full and Pathan launches it over long -off into the crowd for a maximum, 100 up for KKR

KKR 104/3 (14) Pathan 20*- Shakib 14* Run rate: 7.42

Karanveer inserted back into the attack

OUT, Shakib looks to go down the ground, but hits only as far as mid-on, where Miller takes a simple catch, he departs for 18

OUT, Twin strike from Karan, dangerman Pathan goes for 20, tossed up on middle, Yusuf chips it straight towards Miller at long -on

On a hat-trick now

Misses, Yadav quietly defends this one

Yadav and Doeschate on the crease now


Its raining here at the Eden Gardens, and Covers are coming on as players leave the field, it ain't that heavy, hopefully will clear out quickly


17:26 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Good news, it was just a passing cloud, covers are coming off

Oh, no the rain is here again, and covers coming back

17:33 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Covers are coming off, hopefully the rain won't come back again 

Hemant, all thanks to them for doing their best in trying to restart the game


17:40 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014

And we are restarting- The players are back on the field, no overs have been deducted, its a full 20 over game

Akshar Patel finishes his spell 4-1-11-2

KKR 114/5 (16) Yadav 5*- Doeschate 0* Run rate: 7.12

Dhawan bowls

SIX, good length on middle and Yadav clears the long leg fence with that effortless pull

FOUR, fuller and Yadav lofts it down the ground, 14 runs from the over

Karanveer into his last over

SIX, tossed up and Doeschate comes down the track and thumps it over long on

SIX, THIS ONE IS EVEN BIGGER ! flighted swings through the line and Doeschate sends it again through the same region

FOUR, flighted outside off, Yadav picks it from wide outside off and times it thorugh the midwicket

OUT, BOWLED ! What has Yadav done, straight and Yadav looks to sweep hard exposing his stumps, he misses and that hits the timber, Yadav gone for 20

17 runs and a wicket in his last over for Karanveer

KKR 145/6 (18) Doeschate 16*- Chawla 0* Run rate: 8.05

Mitchell Johnson comes to bowl the penultimate over

OUT, fuller on pads, Doeschate trying to flick it over sqaure leg boundary, finds the filder just inside the rope, his small cameo of 17 comes to an end

Sunil Narine is the new man

That's what you expect from Johnson, 3 runs and a wicket 

Awana to bowl the last over

FOUR, searching for the yorker, full toss and Chawla smashes it towards leg side, 150 up for KKR

FOUR, short stuff slower one, Chawla pulls and clears short fine leg

Bailey not happy

RUN-OUT, chaos at the middle, they take off a single from Awana's misfield and then comes back after a wide throw from the midwicket fielder and then a direct hit towards non-strikers end

and Narine's gone

Morne Morkel comes to bat, last ball coming up, Chawla is on strike

FOUR, cheeky, Chawla sweeps Awana for four over short fine leg

KKR 163/8 in 20 overs- Chawla 17*- Morkel 0*

Well Kolkata have able to post a challanging total for Kings XI, though the Punjab team are known for chasing big total, but would this be enormous for them, looking a the conditions. They lost Gambhir early but Uthappa went swashbucking, big guns like Pathan and Shakib failed to achieve a big score and Kings XI lost the momentum after the rain break.

Can Kings XI play against the Kolkata spinners, will be interesting to see how Maxwell and Miller play tonight

This will be a short break

Second innings about to begin

Sehwag and Vohra out in the middle, Morne Morkel to start the proceedings for Kolkata

18:22 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Good bowl from Morkel, lenght ball shapes away, beats the outside edge

Umesh Yadav to bowl from other end

OUT, short and wide, Sehwag cranks it straight to Shakib at point, first wicket down

Wriddhiman Saha is the new man

Loud Appeal, not out, good bowl, outswinger, beats Saha off the bat

Good over, ust 3 runs from it and a wicket

KXIP 8/1 (2) Saha 1*- Vohra 3* required rate: 8.66

Morne Morkel continues

Good bowling from KKR, their line and length have been good, on giving away no runs, putting pressure on Kings XI batsmen, the ball is also seaming a bit, helping fast bowlers to create more terror

SIX, angling in towards the pads and Saha picks that one towards sqaure leg for a six, good timing

Sunil Narine comes to bowl

Its starting to drizzle again and covers are coming on oh and they being turned away by Nigle Llong, crazy scenes at Eden Gardens

DL par score after 5 overs is 37, that's what KXIP need to achieve if rain halts play

Sunil Narine's has the best economy rate in this year's IPL- 5.91

FOUR, short onto the pads and Saha pulls it towards fine leg boundary

KXIP 24/1 (4) Saha 14*- Vohra 6* Required rate: 8.75

Shakib has been introduced

SIX, tossed up, Vohra gets on the knee, and slogs him clean over deep midwicket

SIX, TWO IN TWO ! fuller , Vohra picks it up and slams it over the midwicket region for a biggie

15 runs from the over, they are past the DL score

Morkel bowls

SIX, length delivery, a touch fuller and Vohra easily picks it over midwicket for a six

OUT, short ball, Vohra miscues , it goes high and Umesh Yadav at long on takes a catch, a wicket falls for Kings XI while it continues to drizzle, drama here

KXIP 46/2 (6) Maxwell 0*- Saha 15* required rate: 8.42

Narine continues

FOUR, onto pads, Maxwell gets down and sweeps it over square leg

Yadav into his second over

Yadav averages 20.25 against Kings XI, his best against all IPL teams

Maxwell looking to slog Yadav, who is disgusing him well slower ones

Saha just took out a sheet of paper and reading the DL par scores

OUT LBW BIG WICKET ! MAXWELL DEPARTS ! Maxwell shuffles, looking to play towards fine leg, misses and hits him on the pads in front of the wicket, Nigel Llong raises the finger, pressure of Kings XI now, they are playing for the DL par score and lost two wickets while pushing up the rate

Time Out

18:56 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Maxwell's average in his last six innings, including todays is 13.17 

Miller is the new man

KXIP 55/3 (8) Miller 0*- Saha 17* required rate 9.08 DL Par after 8 is 66

Chawla inserted into the attack

Top over from Chawla is this situation, just 5 runs from it , the required rate is climbing up, and the persistent drizzle is making things more bad for Kings XI, someone needs to rescue them

Yadav to continue

FOUR, fuller outside off, Saha pulls it towards deep midwicket for four

CHANCE, DROPPED ! short and cut away hard towards backward point from Miller, Pandey leaps to his right side and saves a certain boundary

KXIP 68/3 (10) Miller 2*- Saha 27*

KXIP require 96 runs from 60 balls

Here's Chawla

Chawla inserted into the attack

Top over from Chawla is this situation, just 5 runs from it , the required rate is climbing up, and the persistent drizzle is making things more bad for Kings XI, someone needs to rescue them

Yadav to continue

FOUR, fuller outside off, Saha pulls it towards deep midwicket for four

CHANCE, DROPPED ! short and cut away hard towards backward point from Miller, Pandey leaps to his right side and saves a certain boundary

KXIP 68/3 (10) Miller 2*- Saha 27*

KXIP require 96 runs from 60 balls

Here's Chawla

SIX, SAHA IS BLAZING ALL GUNS HERE ! tossed up, Saha goes down on the knee and slams it over deep midwicket

Morkel's being brought back to bowl his last over, Gambhir using him up early

OUT, MORKEL DELIVERS HERE FOR KKR ! They desperately needed one more wicket here, full and Saha drives it uppishly but straight to the mid-off fielder, well settled Saha gone for 35

KXIP 80/4 (12) Miller 6*- Patel 0* DL par score is 97

KXIP require 84 runs from 48 balls

Its still drizlling here


OUT, short spinning in, Miller tries to cut, gets an inside edge onto the stumps, half of the team back in pavilion, KKR on top, Miller goes for 8

Captain Bailey comes out to the rescue

Its Time Out

19:22 IST Wednesday, 28 May 2014


78 runs required from 42 balls

Eden Garden is roaring at the moment, Mexican Wave inside the ground 


Shakib coming back

Rain's gone ..so no threat of DL for now

RUN-OUT, Bailey hits that one straight to fine leg and sets off for a single, Chawla with a strong throw at keeper's end sends Akshar Patel back, out for 2

Rishi Dhawan comes out to bat

That's really good bowling for Shakib, blwoking really slow, 2 runs and a wicket from this over

KXIP 88/6 (14) Dhawan 1*- Bailey 3*

76 runs required from 36 balls, required rate is now above 12

Shakib's bowling strike rate against left handers: 45.00 and against right handers: 23.00

Its only singles for Kings XI, this won't do it, they need boundaries at the moment

KXIP 97/6 (16) Bailey 8*- Dhawan 5*

67 required from 24 balls

Sunil Narine is back

FOUR, short carromball, Bailey powers it towards the covers for four

they need a few more

SIX, Bailey pops that one into the crowd, on middle, he punches that one towards midwicket

55 required from 18

Shakib to bowl his last over

SIX, slower on, Dhawan takes a few steps and sweeps it towards sqaure leg, Yadav tries to catch but ball pops out of his hands and crosses over the rope

OUT, STUMPED ! Dhawan dances down the track - ball stays quite low and he misses, Uthappa does the rest, gone for 14

Mitchell Johnson comes in

SIX, first ball, right in the slot, Johsnon slogs 

SIX, Bailey this time, comes down the track and pummles that one over deep midwicket

KXIP 130/7 (18) Bailey 25*- Johnson 7*

34 runs required from 12

Narine to bowl the penultimate over, this is going to be crucial

Mitch swings misses, Narine is very difficult to play

Narine is giving here nothing, what a bowler he is 

Excellent from him ust 4 runs in the 19th over

30 required in the last over

Umesh Yadav bowls

OUT, slower one, Bailey looking for a six finds long on fielder, out for 26, Punjab lose their eight wicket

Karanveer is the new man

Johnson gets a slower one, swings and misses

slower bouncer, misses, what a bowling from Umesh Yadav

Kings XI 135/8in 20 overs, lost to Kolkata by 28 runs

KKR's eight win on trott

Kolkata Knight Riders are into the finals of the 2014 Pepsi IPL 


What a bowling performance by the KKR to restrict the batting powerhouses of Kings XI below par, they have successfully defended their target of 163 and through to the finals of IPL for the second time.

Kolkata are the team riding on the wave of Uthappa and some fine bowling performances, backed by lovely Kolkata cricket fans. The rain made it worse for Kings XI as they continue to lost wickets and the asking rate started to climb up, no one really took up the charge and played a saviour for Punjab. Morkel and Yadav bowled excellent to make things worse for Punab batsmen, though Punab have one more chance to make it to the finals, when they will play the winner of Chennai vs Mumbai on Friday in the eliminator.

Umesh Yadav is the Man of the Match

Final Score: Kolkata Knight Riders 163/8 in 20 overs (Uthappa 42*- Karanveer 3/40) beat Kings XI Punjab 135/8 in 20 overs (Saha 35*- Umesh Yadav 3/13) by 28 runs and qualify for the finals 





























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